Steps To Creating Your Ideal Marketing Strategy

Any new entrepreneur must have been told by colleagues and advisers about the importance of creating a marketing strategy. “That is how you can get the word out about your company,” some may say. The others can tell you as well that “If not for devising one, I would have gone bankrupt a long time ago.”

Nevertheless, if you ask for tips on how to make your own, the suggestions you will get may vary. One person may encourage you to focus on social media all the way. Consequently, another fellow may speak of the benefits of going old-school and handing out flyers or hanging banners out there.


The truth is that formulas work for business models mostly. Sometimes it does not even happen, primarily when a company is so unique. When it comes to advertising, you may be unable to find a particular scheme that has made everyone successful either. Thus, you can learn how to create your ideal marketing strategy instead.

  1. Put Your Business Into Words

The first step is to offer a definition of what the company is supposed to be. It is your brainchild, after all. It should not be tough for you to explain what products and services you have, as well as why you decided to start a business of your own. If you manage to do that, it entails that your vision for your company is crystal clear.

  1. Visualize Your Target Market

After defining your business, you should focus on describing the audience that you wish to attract. More than the age, it matters to realize whether you want them to come from the male or female population. You also need to think of what they do in life. E.g., are they working parents, kids, or millennials? Once you have a picture of your target market in your head, you may then start customizing promotional ideas for them.

“The narrower the niche, the more targeted your marketing can be,” wrote Marty Nemko, PhD. “Also, narrow nicheing makes it easier to become a true expert in it and thus be more helpful to clients.”

  1. List Down Your Goals

The main objectives of your company can evolve as the years pass by. No rule dictates that a firm that merely had pens to sell at first cannot produce paper in the future. Despite that, we recommend listing down your long-term goals at present so that you have a constant reminder of the things you must do. According to Jim Taylor, PhD, “Vision goal setting is goal setting with a grand purpose. It begins with a dream based in your passion and inspiration in your work.”

  1. Figure Out Ways To Realize Your Goals

When you already have the business goals defined, you may then come up with ways to realize each of them. It will help if you don’t worry about your ideas seeming too dull or too ridiculous in the beginning. The more you ponder about such points, the more you can shape up the marketing techniques you want to employ later.

  1. Set Your Budget

Of course, it is vital to consider how much you can cough up for the advertisements that you got in mind. If you must know, the cheapest form of marketing is making an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can create a website or commercials too, but you need a few thousand dollars for that.

  1. See What Works

Finally, when everything is ready, you can launch your marketing paraphernalia and wait for feedback from the general public. With everyone on social media these days, it may not take 24 hours before someone talks about the ad on their personal accounts. Others may go straight to your website and avail the products or services offered currently. From there, you can figure out which advertising medium to continue or change.


To Sum Things Up

If you are looking for a universal marketing strategy that every successful entrepreneur has used, you need to stop your search right now. You won’t find any because such a solid plan does not exist. Many factors affect promotional success, and they are so volatile for anyone to come up with a single scheme out of them.

Your business’ future may be better off with you creating a marketing strategy that’s ideal for you. “Marketing is fundamental to what makes us human.  Marketing is not solely about selling chewing gum, cars, cellphones, and tourist packages.  Everything in life involves the process of marketing something to someone,” wrote Gad Saad, PhD. Heed the steps above to make it happen. Cheers!

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