Common Items That People Use For Marketing

Word of mouth is unquestionably one of the most effective marketing techniques out there. You only have to talk about your products and services in front of neighbors, friends, and relatives. If you are generous, you may offer samples to them as well. To help your venture to succeed or because they genuinely believe in your ideas, they will spread your business information to others. In no time, customers may come pouring in the establishment.


Despite the effectivity of word-of-mouth advertising, the entrepreneurs of today find it wiser to entrust the success of the business on more than this strategy. They have a budget in mind, and the former is almost costless, so it should be good. However, if these folks research the market, it may become apparent that most consumers react well to promotional products.

So, in case you are preparing a campaign that involves giving away freebies, here are a few everyday items that people use for marketing.


Power Bank

Considering families or techy users compose your target audience, the first thing you should think of advertising with is a power bank. This device is a portable charger that is supposed to energize smartphones, cameras, tablet PC, and other small apparatuses with a USB attachment. Not only is it useful for the customers, though, but it is also customizable. You may print your brand name on any facet of it or even make its shape similar to your logo.


Drinking vessels like mugs, cups, tumblers, and highball glasses are popular products that companies like to use during the promotional season. After all, they are not merely cute items that you can drink your coffee, tea, juice, or liquor from. Some old brands, e.g., Coca-Cola and Nescafe, offer the same drinkware that followers have seen in the past. Hence, everyone wants to get them as memorabilia. That increases the value of the label in the eyes of the consumers.


At this time of the year, the people who shop in various stores cannot help but ask the cashier upon checkout if they already have free calendars to give away. It does not matter to them whether the product needs to hang on the wall or can stand on its own on a desk. As long as the customers do not have to buy a calendar, they are willing to accept one from any brand.

USB Stick

Mobile storage devices like USB sticks promise excellent returns too. Similar to power banks, such items are beneficial for students and office workers who often have files or presentations to transfer from one computer to another. Video and music players have been optimized as well so that you can play songs or movies saved in the USB stick on the device. If you choose to promote with this product, you may take advantage of its flat surface to print the brand’s logo on it.


Of course, pens are very common marketing tools for years now. One may readily assume that only notebook companies can make use of a ball pen to advertise their goods. There is no limit to the type of industry that can launch a campaign with these items and find success through it. In reality, airlines, pharmaceutical companies, and even cereal brands customized them at one point to gain more sales.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are old or new in the business, you should hesitate to try to attract consumers with giveaways. Remember that everyone can appreciate a gift, primarily if it’s free. Spending money on the manufacturing of the promo products won’t be in vain because they will serve as a constant reminder of your brand name in their mind.

Good luck!

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