Top 10 LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips


Does your store fail to attract family members or hold on to many customers? Do you have a business that you are unsure of how to promote? Come to LinkedIn – the platform for professionals like you.

Navigating through the website alone is not hard even for people who have basic computer skills. However, if you want to build up your clientele, read the top 10 LinkedIn business marketing tips below.

1. Fill Your Profile With Details

Though the first impression may not often last, it matters even in social media profiles. When people search for your name or the business’s name online, chances are your LinkedIn profile will pop up among the other URLs connected to you. And because of the platform’s reputation for being a space for B2B transactions, their immediate thought is that the account will be complete with valuable information about the entrepreneur or the company. If they click that link and get redirected to a LinkedIn page that only has your full name and little description, it can dampen the probability of turning them into customers.


2. Grow Your Network Well

Specific users place themselves in one imaginary box that, in their hindsight, only the individuals they know can enter. These are the same account holders who find their connections stagnant because, to be honest, how can you see an excellent development on a social networking site if you do not connect to more people?

One great tip here is to accept or invite as many folks as possible in LinkedIn. This way, the expansion of your contact list will be directly proportional to the opportunities that will open up for you.

3. Use CTA Words

Call-to-action (CTA) words are words that give the viewers the push they need to click a URL link that you will include in the profile or posts. Doing it should be effortless as LinkedIn lets you customize web links to make things less technical-looking. For instance, if your website’s URL is, you can set it up to appear as a hyperlink to something like ‘Visit us today.’


4. Try Not To Be Annoying

It must be difficult for LinkedIn newbies to drive people’s attention towards their page, but even more so to keep their interest. That is especially true when there is nothing out of the ordinary there.

The thing is, you do not have to have crazy info or photos to gain an audience. All you have got to add on the profile are fluff-free details about the business. Once they notice that your multimedia and texts are well thought of, they can never associate the word ‘boring’ to you.

5. Start Or Enter LinkedIn Groups

Similar to what happens in school, there are factions in this channel that you should belong to so that your client base can grow quickly. It is necessary for you to stick to the status quo to ensure that you find the right target audience. Say, if you are selling cosmetics, and you join a Group for plumbers or immigration lawyers, no one may listen to your sales pitch there. Nevertheless, considering connecting with your competitors is impossible, LinkedIn permits you as well to create a Group and invite others to join it.


6. Generate A Company Page

Whether you are the founder, director, or marketing specialist of a firm, you should make sure that the business has its very own page to showcase the services and products you can provide. This additional profile is the counterpart of Facebook’s fan pages. It allows you to add audiovisuals asides from regular texts to further promote your business.

7. Synchronize Your Twitter To Your LinkedIn Account

Tweets admittedly have a better way of getting the attention of individuals across the globe every day than any other platform. Instead of latching solely on to it, though, things will be extra favorable to attach it to your LinkedIn profile too. Thus, whenever you publish something on your Twitter page, it will reflect on the LinkedIn page on automatic.

8. Include Hashtags To Several Keywords

The inclusion of hashtags on LinkedIn was not permitted for a while, yet the owners of the site and Twitter have since smoothened out their differences and the pound (#) symbol before a word matters once more to the posts on the former. Specifically speaking, it is one of the factors that increase the ranking of an account in search engines each time a person types a keyword that has a relation to the words you often use in the content.


9. Use The Features Within The Channel

When you visit the Applications section of the website, you will see a broad range of features that you are free to integrate to your profile. Such add-ons can enhance the visibility of the content you usually publish and move it closer to the clients that you want to have.

10. Help More LinkedIn Users

A great marketer is someone who looks after the welfare of their peers without being prompted. While you may see competitors there, the fact that there are millions of consumers that you can share through the platform remains. Hence, when your standing in LinkedIn becomes stable, it will be awesome to use the Recommend feature to help boost the connections or sales of the entrepreneurs who are relatively new to the site as well.

To Sum Things Up

LinkedIn may be among the many social media platforms that can market your business, but it is one of the few channels out there that focuses on B2B transactions. Follow the tips above to get the most out of it now. Good luck!

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