Practical Advertising Ideas That I Heard At The 2016 Richmond Marketing Forum

Being a not-so-new entrepreneur at the time, I went to the 2016 Richmond Marketing Forum¬†with the assumption that it would merely help me expand my connections. “The panelists can’t mention anything that I don’t already know about,” I could even recall myself telling my friends that. The business was doing well; I was getting back what I invested slowly but surely.

Nonetheless, my old self was wonderstruck when a guest speaker began talking about practical advertising techniques that entrepreneurs hardly use even at present. Allow me to give you ideas about some of them below.


1. The Use Of Hashtags

A hashtag is a metadata tag that became popular because of Twitter. You can make one by placing a pound sign (#) before the keyword that you want to emphasize so that people can find your texts faster. In case you are unaware of it, it is now possible to include hashtags on your Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn posts.

2. The Pull Of Free Samples

Getting a discount is not the only thing that can make a shopper happy. Whether you are a new or veteran entrepreneur, it is still ideal to give freebies to your customers. That is especially important to do if you have a brand-new product line to launch.


3. The Power Of Referrals

From what I have observed, not a lot of brands have a referral program that can entire their existing consumers to promote them to friends or family members. Many of them ask shoppers to share or like their posts online, but the well-known labels alone seem to be willing a discount code or other rewards to people who have indeed encouraged their loved ones to purchase their products. If even the small business owners do something similar, it may increase your sales exponentially.

Final Thoughts

The world of advertising is too multifaceted. There are various paths you may take towards success; it’s not advisable to stick to one strategy for the rest of your life either. Still, there won’t be a problem if you tap into the practical ideas mentioned above.

Happy marketing!

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