Psychologists View On Entrepreneurial Stress

People might think that entrepreneurs are lucky because they have a stable business. And that these people’s network is well-developed and well-established. But what people did not know is the number of sacrifices, hard work, sleepless nights, and judgments that these entrepreneurs had to endure.  That is, of course, only to get their business working on the right path. Not because these people are now experiencing success in their field, that doesn’t mean they didn’t experience loss, heartaches, and exhaustion. Michael A. Freeman, MD, wrote, “People who are on the energetic, motivated, and creative side are both more likely to be entrepreneurial and more likely to have strong emotional states.” So to understand how things are with these individuals, psychologists attempt to explain how entrepreneurial stress becomes a turning factor.


Every Business Is A Gamble

The world of business is not that exciting. Honestly, almost 90% of these aspiring businessmen fail. There is the struggle of making it work, and some of them can’t handle the timing of pressure. Sunitha Chandy, PsyD, wrote, “We often confuse motivation with stress. While they both get us going, one serves to build us up and one depletes us.” There are instances that these people, even if they are well-driven by their goal, end up not having anything. In some unfortunate cases, they lose everything also before they realize that the business will not and will never succeed. Yes, it is okay to dream big because that is the start of every goal-oriented business endeavor. However, one must realize that every little thing about it is a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. As far as businesses are a concern, there is no consistency in it. No one can tell if it will make it up to the top or lose its potential in the start. Nobody can tell what may not or may happen to the whole progress of the entrepreneurial battle. However, since it is all about risk-taking, one can only determine the success of a business through his motivation, determination, and perseverance.


The Legitimate Part Of Business That Everyone Ignores

A starting business creates a lot of friction. There is crisis everywhere, such as financial instability, negative societal response, stress and pressure, and even inconsistency. There is no way that when an entrepreneur enters it, the whole process goes up instantly. It takes time and lots and lots of hard work. And that is the problem. Not everybody looks upon its struggle positively. Usually, most of the businessmen that fail question themselves. There is this mental block that makes people think about their failure more consequently and blame themselves. That is the reason why they often regret every decision they make. Hendrie Weisinger, PhD, wrote, “Stress builds when there are too many demands, but not enough time, money or other necessary resources.”

These people begin to doubt their skills and capabilities. Some of them even overthink about what others might say. With that, there is fear that crawls inside them. That particular fear tries to feed their mind with tons of “what ifs.” Fear makes them lose control and eventually cripple them so they won’t be able to maintain emotional, physical, and mental balance. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. But when fear gets in the way, it is a dead end.


What To Expect In A Business Startup

Most entrepreneurs think only about one thing and that is going straight to the top. No one opens up a business and feels satisfied with their small success. There is always a bigger dream of reaching the peak of success. However, it is not possible when these people are afraid to work hard on their goals. Therefore, it is clearly and utterly essential to expect unfortunate circumstances.

Most business-minded people who start a business end up messing it all because they don’t value the longer process of getting the right method towards success. There is this assumption that once the best way did not work, the rest will never work as well. They didn’t try to understand that businesses sometimes do not follow the detailed process. That instead of creating a standard, they forget the idea that some basics can work better than the latter.

Worst Case Scenario

Leaving a business in a pile of problems will not help. However, always thinking about the worst-case scenario might be useful at some point. That is where the entrepreneur begins to imagine things that are relatable to reality. From there, these people can end up summarizing details and enumerate solutions in their head. That is the time these businessmen will understand how important it is to become prepared.

In handling a business, its failure will suck. But that is not the whole idea of the experience. Honestly, it is the acceptance that it lacks what it takes to be on top. But should these entrepreneurs stop working on it? No! These people need to come back and start processing and handling the business way more different.



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