Mental Health Awareness

Have you ever wondered how your overall mental wellness affects your success?



It has been said time and again that when we are physically unhealthy, we could become immobile, but we can still take advantage of our sharp mind, and we are still able to communicate and ask for help when we need to. Conversely, if we are mentally unhealthy, the outcomes can be devastating. Cognitive and emotional darkness can spread into several aspects of your life, not only the professional part of it.

Philip Burgieres was an ordinary guy when he met and had a candid talk with a football player turned successful entrepreneur. He was apparently inspired and enlightened. Eventually, they established a robust friendship – friends who shared their disappointments, mistakes, fears, and catastrophic encounters throughout all areas of their lives, not just in leisure or business. They were each other’s supporters. Burgieres continued to accomplish tremendous success in business, and he became one of the most in-demand advisors who led other advisors to learn how to become more outspoken and resilient, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship.

Mental Health Awareness

Studies made by Dr. Michael Freeman, a mental health psychiatrist specializing in behavioral health, mental health problems, and issues in entrepreneurship and business, revealed that almost 50% of the 240 participants stated that they had one or more mental health illnesses. Additionally, they were highly likely to declare a lifetime of ADHD, depression, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder.

The outcomes above confirm that taking a curative strategy to improve our mental health is vital. Combining characteristics that drive company executives to the top can also pull them down into the mud. When you have climbed high up, you have a long way down to fall. You just can’t afford to act conservatively anymore, especially with your mental illness and health conditions.

What’s In The Entrepreneurial Mind?

Mental Health Awareness - How mental health awareness affects business success?

The truth is you, and only you are the principal assets. You have the authority to engage techniques that enhance your mental health conditions and to keep them in place to help you confront the daily challenges that business and entrepreneurship throw at you.

Safeguard And Boost Your Overall Physical Well-Being

Research has proven several times that exercise can boost mental fitness more than any antidepressant can. Provide your body with the best opportunity access to support you mentally and physically for the various encounters that you choose to face and promote understanding with. It is not right to work overly long hours in the office or be proud that you can function with only four hours of sleep.

Remember that you are a top player in the business arena. Feed your body sensibly, just as any athlete would to win in his sport. Train to become the best entrepreneur, just as athletes would train with great personal trainers, nutritionists, and coaches. Listen to your body. Please keep track of its energy and pay attention to any pain or discomfort that it’s feeling. If you’re getting hints that there is an imbalance that requires restoration, be responsible and heed the call of your body. Don’t ignore them.

Find A Mental Health Expert To Help In Business And Leadership

How fortunate it would be for us to have someone like Dr. Michael Freeman as our personal adviser, someone we can call any time. But, yes, we can actually find one. We only need to search for someone whose strategies are both optimistic and constructive. Look for that particular practitioner who can guide you and help you recover your previous state and exceed it. Take advantage of the beneficial information to support national mental health needs.

All aspects of your life are connected and overlap in one way or the other. You can also do a basic evaluation of your emotional and mental strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to your field of business or your role as an executive.

Whether or not you’re leading an empire or an amateur entrepreneur struggling to thrive in the business world, make time and effort to be familiar with who you are. You will realize that all your characteristics function both as weaknesses and strengths.


Seek Someone That You Can Help And Support.

The national success associated with our mental health also comes when we give. A study headed by Professor Tristen Inagaki found lowered stress reactions in people in different communities who were helping others and those who were accepting help. Shifting your focus towards others – setting aside your own agenda – to reach out and help someone can reap tremendous benefits emotionally and mentally. It doesn’t have to entail helping a person from your project or your current area of business resources. It could be anyone, really, because this is not about you at all. This is completely about supporting someone and providing him with what is vital to overall health with the help of mental health awareness services.

These mental health services and health professionals supports your mental health conditions as part of their suicide prevention and national mental health awareness.

According to national organizations experts, health services help raise awareness and establish a relationship that involves a structure that provides you both the opportunity to encourage, give and accept support, either inside or outside of your business. Failing to do this deprives you of gratifying nourishment that can improve mental health resources and ultimately help you attain a higher and more triumphant kind of business success and celebrate recovery.

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