Counseling Advice For Business People Who Can’t Get What They Want

In high school, the teenagers used to turn to each other for advice. It could be about anything like love, family, clothes, etc. However, there was never a time when any of my friends came to me for advice on how they should do this.


The common reason that I heard was that I was as slow as a turtle when it came to making decisions. For instance, if you were going to the mall during Black Friday, you’re supposed to prepare a list beforehand and grab everything you need as soon as you reach the store. But since I could not decide what to get once I was already there, all the good stuff would be gone before I thought of what I wanted to get. When I attended Sadie Hawkins dance one time, I ended up going alone because I kept putting off selecting my partner among the guys who asked me out.

 In my defense, I was not slow – I was merely biding my time to ensure that my decisions would not bite me in the ass in the future. That’s something that I learned from my parents, who found business success when they were already in their 40s. Before that, Mom and Dad held different jobs at different companies and only thought of becoming entrepreneurs when they had a solid plan on the kind of business they both wanted. It worked for them, so I did not see any harm in following in their footsteps.

 How It Helped Me As An Adult

Since I was always cautious of my actions and decisions, I significantly reduced my losses when I tried my hand at becoming an entrepreneur.


 You see, I had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I started making clothes when I was a toddler. My little hands barely knew how to use the child-friendly scissors that my mother gave me, but I tried to make the lines as even as possible anyway. When my parents could trust me with needles and real scissors, I asked them to buy me some fabrics to make dresses for my Barbie dolls. I did not know it back then, but upon revisiting the old Barbie dresses that my mother kept for me, I saw that I was very much into haute couture.

When I got into middle school, though, I began to doubt myself. That’s primarily because I heard that fashion designers typically had some eccentricities, which I did not think I had. If I did, my classmates would not have branded me “plain Jane,” right? Still, I graduated from making dresses for my Barbie dolls and began to sew casual dresses and shirts for my mother and me while focusing on other things like sports, cheerleading, and more activities.

When I went to college, I saw how everyone had a mind of their own. They inspired me to continue aspiring to become a fashion designer. I worked hard and networked harder; that’s why I got to train under one of Paris’s most prominent fashion designers for three years after graduation.


During those two years, many people in my life asked why I agreed to be in training for that long. Most of my batchmates opened their own fashion houses right after getting their diplomas, after all. They did not feel the need to gain more experience in the business by working for other designers first. They thought I was a chicken, that I had zero confidence in my creativity.

Well, of course, who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? However, I wanted to have as many connections as possible before that happened. It was okay for me not to get what I wanted immediately for the sake of ensuring my success in the future. And true enough, when I finished my training and went back home to start my fashion designing career, I had Hollywood celebrities and other socialites as my first clients. It was all thanks to my former boss, who recommended me to them. Meanwhile, my former batchmates were still trying to keep their businesses afloat by producing basic dresses and streetwear in their small boutiques.

Sweet Takeaway

I believe that we all have the capability to make our dreams come true. It is innate; we are born with it. However, many individuals tend to experience more losses than others because they assume that taking as many risks as possible will make them succeed in the end.


Those people do not seem to realize that being a risk-taker does not have to be a frequent loser. There are a handful of evasive tactics to try out there, and they all start with learning how to wait until you can create opportunities for yourself.

I bided my time, I worked hard, and I got what I wanted. That’s a lesson that I wish to impart to everyone who wants to find business success.


Care To Know How To Market Your Online Counseling Services?

Ever since I got my business coaching license, I traveled around the country to aid entrepreneurs who wanted to get their businesses moving towards the right path.

I must admit that many of them had never known that people like me existed until they heard about business coaches through friends. I could not count the number of times when someone scheduled a meeting with me, but you could see in their faces that they were waiting for me to slip up and reveal that it was a scam all along. However, business coaching was never a scam. It had always been meant to help people who did not go to college to learn the business.

Allow me to share the story of one of my clients, Dr. Joy, who needed assistance in marketing online counseling services in 2020.


The Background Story

Dr. Joy used to work for a private mental health facility in a different city. Before she got married in 2019, she and her husband decided to wait for a few more years before having a baby and moving back to their parents’ town to raise their family. But they got the surprise of a lifetime when Dr. Joy learned that she was two months pregnant in January 2020.

Though things did not go according to Dr. Joy’s plans, she intended to continue working at the mental health facility as a psychologist and counselor until she needed to go on maternity leave. This way, she would have enough time to look for an empty office in their home city where she could start her solo practice.

Come March 2020; the mental health facility had to be shut down temporarily due to the statewide lockdown. All the workers were supposed to return a month after that, but Dr. Joy and her husband chose to move back home earlier than planned to reduce Dr. Joy’s chances of contracting the coronavirus and affecting the baby in her womb.


The Problem

The thing was, it did not seem like a fantastic idea to open a new clinic because of the ongoing pandemic. No matter how many disinfecting stations could be placed around the facility, there was still a significant chance for a coronavirus-carrying patient to come in contact with Dr. Joy.

After several weeks of going back and forth, she recalled that she had a license to provide online counseling to at least three nearby states. The only problem was that neither Dr. Joy nor her husband knew how to market her counseling services online, so they asked Dr. Joy’s sister if she knew anyone who could help them.

The Solution

Dr. Joy’s sister had been a client of mine a couple of years ago. When she called me one day and asked if I could help her sister, who wanted to practice counseling virtually but did not know how to do it, I said yes readily. We were all just freed from the lockdown at the time, and I personally knew some people who almost went crazy for staying at home for more than a month and not being able to go to work or see their loved ones in person.


During my Skype meeting with Dr. Joy, the first thing I suggested was creating her own website. It was the classic way of giving clients a full view of your offerings. It can have pages dedicated to your history, education, services, and even testimonials from previous clients. It may also be optimized so that people could schedule meetings with you in one virtual space.

Aside from that, I found out that Dr. Joy only had a Facebook account, and she had not visited that since the mid-2000s during her college days. I helped her get in touch with a social media expert who taught her the importance of having a social media presence, regardless of anyone’s line of business. The same pro created Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts for Dr. Joy and gave her access to a small team that could create infographics, edits images and videos, and curate other content for her.

Of course, another purpose of having social media accounts was networking. Through LinkedIn, Dr. Joy managed to connect with other online counselors and psychologists who promoted her practice online and offline. She also dabbled into live streaming for the first time, which worked like a group counseling session as the viewers were free to type a question, and Dr. Joy would answer them during the show.

The Result

All these efforts allowed Dr. Joy to have a successful website launch last July 2020. So many people wanted to book an appointment with the new online counselor in town that the site crashed a few times that day. While it was a hassle for the clients, it was a sign that Dr. Joy no longer needed to worry about being unable to continue practicing her profession.


Even better, since Dr. Joy was already her own boss, she managed to work right after childbirth. She was still getting a lot of rest and bonding with her new baby, but she could schedule a few hours of her day to counsel some clients.

All these had been possible because the doctor asked for help to market her online counseling services.