Seeking A Therapist’s Help For Your Small Business




A psychologist? A life coach? A therapist? The brand does not actually matter. What’s important is that even before the pandemic, startup business owners have been struggling with an excessive amount of stress due to their frequently overbearing obligations. Occasionally, that stress causes major mental health conditions.

A 2019 study found that over 60% of small business operators report being ‘depressed’ at least once weekly. Another study performed at the University of California revealed that mental health conditions experienced by several entrepreneurs and novice business owners are ‘furious’ and insubstantially addressed, with 50% of these entrepreneurs joining in the study stating that they had at least one type of mental health issue throughout their lifetime. Well, if you were a startup business owner, this wouldn’t be a surprise to you.

You are probably aware of the pressures that you confront daily. You have insufficient resources and multiple responsibilities. You should be skilled at various things. Every decision that you make impacts your company’s gains as well as possibly the occupations and the well-being of the customers, sellers, partners, and employees, as well as the members of your family who depend on you. And everything has become more difficult because of the substantial decline caused by the pandemic, which has lead to unpaid bills, lost incomes, and very challenging decisions regarding their jobs.

This is why more startup owners are seeking help from therapists and coaches to help them manage their daily stresses and provide advice on efficiently managing their businesses. Licensed and experienced therapists agree that anyone can benefit from consulting a therapist to increase perspective and understanding, develop communication and coping skills, and cultivate empathy and acceptance. These therapists claim that they have been lucky to guide people on their journey towards unknown yet optimistic destinations.


If a startup owner were currently having difficulty keeping customer and business connections, then a therapist would be desired and must have obtained advanced psychology courses. However, a life coach would help address mindset patterns that keep numerous people from progressing, like comparison, procrastinating, communication skills, and limiting beliefs. Nevertheless, experience is an essential tool. A licensed and experienced therapist says that she believes some of the most competent therapists and coaches carry distinct life experiences with them.

Role Of The Therapist In Small Businesses

In a small or startup business, the therapist will function as a sounding board, a neutral angle, a guide, an advocate, and a supporter. The most suitable therapist or counselor will depend on what the business operator wishes to work on and unravel. A certified mental health professional will possess an expansive skillset to provide therapy efficiently. For more specific areas or fields, clinical mastery and certifications must be taken into consideration.

To find the right one – be it a licensed therapist or life coach – you can start your study by simply using Google to look for professionals near you or by checking out local resources that are sponsored by Thumbtack or Psychology Today, for example. Another wonderful option is obtaining a referral from a person who has successfully employed a coach, therapist, or counselor. You will most probably be paying around $100 to $300 per session. You will also have to commit to having sessions for a month, two months, or three – but not weeks only, as you will not see results by then. You can opt for traditional in-person therapy. However, if the traditional therapy atmosphere does not suit you, you can also consider online therapy services.

This means being honest, meeting set objectives, being eager to listen to advice, and being consistently present and punctual. This is because seeking help is not only about managing stress, but it’s also about keeping your focus and successfully managing your small business and, ultimately, your life.

Colleen, a professional photographer, based in Las Vegas, has been talking and learning from her coach for over six months and is satisfied with the outcomes. Her coach has efficiently provided her useful advice and take an impartial look at her startup business, which has tremendously helped her grow professionally and personally. The essential thing about employing a coach, according to Colleen, is to seek one that you trust, honor, and especially one who seems like a friend to you. This is important because you wish to feel comfortable telling your therapist anything and expressing your thoughts and ideas.


Operating a business – whether or not it’s pandemic or not – is a difficult thing to do, so it is crucial to have a person – a professional who is neutral and without any agenda – to talk to you about the worries and issues that you face, both in your personal and business life. In doing so, you can make a huge difference to your mental health, which could definitely benefit others.

Each person is his life’s business owner. Successful therapy, counseling, or coaching will not only guide and support a business owner while at work but will also result in more significant relationships in their personal life.


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