Social Media Strategies To Help Cope With COVID-19


Undeniably, we are presently going through devastating times, and at times like these, marketing brands struggle with what to do next, specifically on social media. Do you continue with your old strategy and just pretend that there’s nothing wrong? Of course not! Do you limit your posts to only those that are coronavirus-related? Perhaps not.

We can’t decide for you, but we can provide you with a guide that might help you strike the correct tone for your marketing brand and your audience as well. We will give you some tips, questions, and suggestions to help you decide which social media strategies would be suitable for your brand and in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

What is the importance of social media during these times?

  • The eMarketer reports that Facebook reached up to a 70% increase in apps usage for the month of March. This means that since the pandemic began, more and more people started to turn to these applications for entertainment, information, and keeping in touch with family and friends while they were stuck at home.
  • The audience chooses various channels to search for exciting content. For example, Snapchat and Tiktok have become the new sources of entertainment and distraction from the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.
  • A lot of marketers are cost-cutting in almost all areas of marketing, and this includes social media. However, email and other forms of social media are still being utilized for brand improvement and customer engagement.

If you are willing to explore the new world of marketing and social media, here’s a list of tips that you can read and be guided with.


Focus On Them More, Not On You.

Yes, you are a business looking to earn to survive. We’re not saying you forget that completely. It’s that the global crisis is not the best time to push on your key performance indicators. Evaluate what success is now and modify your old approach. Remember these.

Then: You calculate and make a report on the essential metrics monthly and yearly.

Now: That’s still not going to give you complete details. You can report it the same way you did, but now present it along with the comments, non-KPI testimonials, and the red flags.

Then: ROI is the top priority.

Now: It is, of course, important, but shares, likes, positive comments, and engagement measures are better priorities now since people these days can’t buy everything that they want.

Know And Understand Your Audience.

This has and always will be a crucial piece of a marketing strategy for all seasons and crises. Marketing, for the most part, depends on empathy, which subsequently depends on understanding the audience that you’re trying to communicate with.

If you think you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you might want to ignore this tip saying, “I already know my audience.” Perhaps, but do you think you know them now, in this outbreak? Could there be more customer opportunities that you haven’t thought of that you could consider now?

Gather basic details. Collect essential data like age, gender, location, income status, and others. Then once you have these data, ask yourself what you’re going to do next. Forget about what you used to do. Now, think about fresh ideas on how to capture your audience that has pivoted since the outbreak. Adapt to the changes to meet the needs of your audience.

This comprehensive knowledge of your audience will kickstart the tone for whatever you do next during a global crisis like coronavirus and beyond that. The bonds that you establish successfully knowing and capturing your customers’ hearts will last long after the outbreak has subsided.


Expect The Unexpected.

Nobody can ever give you a precise forecast of what the future will be for marketers and their brands. All we know is that this pandemic will end in due course and that right now, there is a lot of ambiguity on a lot of fronts. Thus, we cannot plan our future as we have before these circumstances. We must be careful and take slow but sure approaches to adapt to what beholds tomorrow. Today is a good day to start.




Why A Promotional Shirt Never Gets Old

As a certified marketer, attending events like the 2018 Branding Conference is a part of my job. Sometimes, I go there to meet potential sponsors or partners. Other times, I do it to speak and motivate other young marketers to work hard and reach for their dreams.


On many speaking occasions, though, one piece of advice that I often say is to make a promotional shirt. I won’t hate you if you think that it’s too cheesy or too old-school because both can technically be true. However, it does not mean that it won’t market your business as well as other marketing items.

These are a few benefits of using a promotional shirt for your business:

It Builds Up Curiosity
A wearable marketing product can be as enticing as a gigantic billboard. If someone dons it and walks on the street, passersby may think, “Why does this person promote this brand?” That may cause them to feel curious enough to go online in that instant to know more about the company.

It May Be Better Than Word-Of-Mouth
Using a shirt to market your merchandise may be better than relying on word-of-mouth. People have far too many things in their head to think of promoting your brand to them, you see. Despite that, if they go to public places with your customized shirt on, there is no need for words anymore.


It Can Increase Your Sales
A lot of curious folks do not typically stop at researching brands. Considering they find your products interesting, they will look for a way to buy one. If you get lucky, an influencer may feature them in their social media channels or vlogs. Thus, your sales will undoubtedly go up.

In Conclusion
I tend to use a promotional shirt whenever our company has a new product that is too out-of-the-box for people to like at once. And guess what? It. Always. Works.

Start thinking of what to print on your promotional shirt now if you want to try it!

Why You Need A Marketer For Your Business


If there is one thing that you must never forget about doing business, it is the importance of hiring a marketer who will help you raise brand awareness. Take note that marketing and advertising are two significant aspects of entrepreneurship that you must never neglect. In today’s article, we are going to give you the top reasons why you must invest in looking for an effective marketer. Our goal is to encourage you to set aside a budget for the professional services of a marketer. Once you have this person on your team, you can enjoy the following:


It Announces Your Existence


One of the common challenges of business owners is not having the capacity to make known its products and services. When this happens to your brand, there is a high chance that you will not be able to earn profits from your operations. If this continues to occur for an extended period, then your company can go underground. You will be surprised to find out that you are already bankrupt. Because of this, you must find a marketer who can help you raise brand awareness.



It Connects Your Customers


Another concern that you must look into is the importance of connecting your company to your target market. Take note that your customers must be your number one priority. They must feel that you are thinking of them through your marketing strategies. Let them feel that all your actions are tailored to please them. Once they experience this, it will be a lot easier on their part to patronize your products. In the long run, it can lead to increased revenue for you. All these can be possible with a marketer.


It Elevates Your Brand


As you probably know by now, the market is highly competitive. It means that there are tons of companies operating in the same industry where you are present. For this reason, you can expect them to outshine you in some marketing efforts. If you want a solution to this problem, all you have to do is to search for a marketer. Let this professional create tactics that can elevate your brand above the rest. He can help in outshining your competitors.


It Increases Trust For Your Company


Another great advantage of having a marketer is that he can help in increasing the trust that people have for your company. Take note that the goal is to see to it that your target market must associate your brand with something they love and trust. Once you succeed in making this happen, it will be a lot easier on your part to promote your products. More people are going to start to love your brand to the point that they will also help in developing it to others. In the long run, it can bring in more sales for your business. As long as you are smart in making a wise decision for your products, everything is going to be okay.


Tips In Overcoming Business-Related Stress

There are many things that you are going to become problematic because of your business. No matter what you do, there will always be a challenge that will test your capacity to handle stress and anxiety. For this reason, you must take the necessary steps to overcome business-related stress. Keep in mind that as long as you feel stress in your life, you will never experience success.


For today’s post, allow us to share the essential tips to remember so that you can avoid dealing with stress. Make sure that you will read the article from top to bottom. If you do, there is a high guarantee that you can eliminate stress in an instant. According to Nancy Goldov, PsyD, “By understanding what you’re doing to keep the stress going, you can experiment with pausing, slowing down and learning to stop adding more stress to what is already happening. People are relieved to discover they can find their sanity and calm down instead of getting more worked up or escalating their stressful situation.”


Exercise Regularly


As much as possible, make sure to find time to perform physical activities that can increase your blood flow. Avoid sitting all day in your office, not doing anything. The right thing to do is to go to the gym or perform home exercises. Take note that your body releases dopamine whenever you engage in these kinds of activities. All you need is at least thirty minutes or one hour a day to complete it.


Confide In Someone


If you think that your stress is making your life more miserable, be sure that you will find a way to connect with another person. Take the time you need to talk to someone who can listen to what you are going through. If you take time to talk to someone, you will be surprised at how relieving it can be. What you must do is to talk to a close friend or a family member. Do not be afraid to share your problems.


Go On A Vacation


Do not feel guilty if you see the need to run away for a little while. Going on a vacation can actually help you solve your problems. Make sure that you will take the proper steps to book your ticket ahead of time so that you can block your schedule immediately. Take note that going on a vacation can help in taking the stress in your life away. When you go on vacation, you are giving yourself a chance to have fun.


Talk To A Therapist


Another option that you may want to consider is to talk to a therapist. Do not be afraid to look for a mental health professional who can help you assess your current situation. Sometimes, you need expert advice so that you will know what to do with your life. Encountering stress in your business can be heartbreaking, especially if it can affect your sales. However, once you talk to someone who can help you in therapy sessions, you will start to feel better. Remember “We do not have to be slaves to our own minds. We can make changes at any time,” states Dan Guerra, PsyD.


Make sure that you will never get tired of reminding yourself that what you are going through at the moment is only temporary. Lynn Bufka Ph.D, says “We’re all going to experience stress. It’s a normal part of our day, but we have a choice in how we respond to it.” Do not forget to follow our tips above for a worry-free entrepreneurial life. Enjoy your business!

Your Guide To Starting A Business


There are many things that you have to take into consideration when it comes to building your own company. It is crucial on your part to slow down in making business decisions. Do not be stupid enough to wait for things to happen without any action on your part. Keep in mind that the only way to take your company to the next level is to be smart in choosing the right business strategies. In today’s article, we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks that can guide you on how to start your own business from scratch.

Conduct A Feasibility Study


Make sure that you know the significance of conducting a business plan before moving forward in building a company. You cannot be careless or negligent in selecting the industry to focus on. As much as possible, hire a business analyst or marketing expert who can conduct a feasibility study of the type of firm that you want to build. Let that professional tell you whether your business idea is feasible or not.



Learn About Entrepreneurship


Another essential or great tip to keep in mind is the fact that doing business is not an easy thing to do. There are tons of challenges that will come along the way. Because of this, it is best if you will equip yourself with the right level of knowledge about entrepreneurship. Take note that the more you know about the ins and outs of doing business, the easier it would be on your part to move forward with your plan.



Talk To An Expert


Do not be too proud of your capacity to the point that you will stop listening to the suggestions of other people. Keep in mind that there are still tons or several things that you have to know about conducting business operations. For this reason, you must see to it that you will connect with other individuals who are also knowledgeable in the field of entrepreneurship. Feel free to ask them a question so that you will find a way to improve how you do things.


Never Rush


For sure, you are excited to build your company. However, you must never forget the importance of taking things low. As much as possible, think twice before you will take a necessary step in conducting your operations. Never be too excited to the point that you will no longer become mindful of the possible consequences of your actions. Failure to do this can lead to major issues or problems in managing your upcoming firm.




Make sure to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above so that you can have a worry-free start for your business. Take note that not everything is going to be easy, but things will soon improve as long as you do not give up. If ever you encounter problems along the way, make sure to keep going. Every effort that you put into your company can be worth it in the long run.



How To Experience Success In Marketing


If there is one thing that every business person like you needs to understand, it is the importance of implementing marketing strategies for your firm. Keep in mind that there is a necessity on your part to think of the advertising aspect if you want to take your company to the next level. When you engage in marketing, everything is going to be a lot better for your firm. If it continues to happen for an extended period, then you can continue to expect your profit to increase over time.


For today’s article, we are going to provide you with the top tips to remember if you want to experience success in the field of marketing. Be sure to keep these tips in mind so that you can achieve your business goals as soon as possible.


Keep Yourself Updated


Take note that there are marketing trends that always change now and then. For this reason, you need to focus on updating yourself about these changes. Do not be complacent and believe that the marketing tactics of today will remain the same tomorrow. Failure to do this can lead your business to be left behind by the top players in the industry.


Focus On The Customers


When thinking of the best marketing techniques to implement for your company, be sure to look after your target market. Everything you do must be for the sole reason of pleasing them. Do not forget that the reason why you exist is because of them. As much as possible, get to know the demographics of your target customers. Once you know what they want, it will be easier for you to think of marketing techniques.


Have A Schedule


Another essential thing to take into consideration is the need to create a schedule for your marketing plan. You cannot just think of strategies without plotting the date and time when you have to implement them. For example, you can create a content calendar ahead of time, where you will place all your planned posts for a given week or month. In so doing, it will be a lot easier on your part to focus on another aspect of the business.


Be Patient


At the same time, you must also see to it that you will remain patient and steadfast in implementing all your marketing strategies. Take note that your success in this field is not going to happen overnight. You must not worry right away if you cannot see the fruits of your efforts. Try harder until you meet your company’s goals and objectives. As long as you do not give up, everything will soon be okay. Just be patient in waiting because things are going to be alright soon.




Marketing is a big aspect of any business. As such, you must never take it for granted. Be open to learning new things about growing your business. Good luck with all your actions in building your company.



Psychologists View On Entrepreneurial Stress

People might think that entrepreneurs are lucky because they have a stable business. And that these people’s network is well-developed and well-established. But what people did not know is the number of sacrifices, hard work, sleepless nights, and judgments that these entrepreneurs had to endure.  That is, of course, only to get their business working on the right path. Not because these people are now experiencing success in their field, that doesn’t mean they didn’t experience loss, heartaches, and exhaustion. Michael A. Freeman, MD, wrote, “People who are on the energetic, motivated, and creative side are both more likely to be entrepreneurial and more likely to have strong emotional states.” So to understand how things are with these individuals, psychologists attempt to explain how entrepreneurial stress becomes a turning factor.


Every Business Is A Gamble

The world of business is not that exciting. Honestly, almost 90% of these aspiring businessmen fail. There is the struggle of making it work, and some of them can’t handle the timing of pressure. Sunitha Chandy, PsyD, wrote, “We often confuse motivation with stress. While they both get us going, one serves to build us up and one depletes us.” There are instances that these people, even if they are well-driven by their goal, end up not having anything. In some unfortunate cases, they lose everything also before they realize that the business will not and will never succeed. Yes, it is okay to dream big because that is the start of every goal-oriented business endeavor. However, one must realize that every little thing about it is a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. As far as businesses are a concern, there is no consistency in it. No one can tell if it will make it up to the top or lose its potential in the start. Nobody can tell what may not or may happen to the whole progress of the entrepreneurial battle. However, since it is all about risk-taking, one can only determine the success of a business through his motivation, determination, and perseverance.


The Legitimate Part Of Business That Everyone Ignores

A starting business creates a lot of friction. There is crisis everywhere, such as financial instability, negative societal response, stress and pressure, and even inconsistency. There is no way that when an entrepreneur enters it, the whole process goes up instantly. It takes time and lots and lots of hard work. And that is the problem. Not everybody looks upon its struggle positively. Usually, most of the businessmen that fail question themselves. There is this mental block that makes people think about their failure more consequently and blame themselves. That is the reason why they often regret every decision they make. Hendrie Weisinger, PhD, wrote, “Stress builds when there are too many demands, but not enough time, money or other necessary resources.”

These people begin to doubt their skills and capabilities. Some of them even overthink about what others might say. With that, there is fear that crawls inside them. That particular fear tries to feed their mind with tons of “what ifs.” Fear makes them lose control and eventually cripple them so they won’t be able to maintain emotional, physical, and mental balance. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. But when fear gets in the way, it is a dead end.


What To Expect In A Business Startup

Most entrepreneurs think only about one thing and that is going straight to the top. No one opens up a business and feels satisfied with their small success. There is always a bigger dream of reaching the peak of success. However, it is not possible when these people are afraid to work hard on their goals. Therefore, it is clearly and utterly essential to expect unfortunate circumstances.

Most business-minded people who start a business end up messing it all because they don’t value the longer process of getting the right method towards success. There is this assumption that once the best way did not work, the rest will never work as well. They didn’t try to understand that businesses sometimes do not follow the detailed process. That instead of creating a standard, they forget the idea that some basics can work better than the latter.

Worst Case Scenario

Leaving a business in a pile of problems will not help. However, always thinking about the worst-case scenario might be useful at some point. That is where the entrepreneur begins to imagine things that are relatable to reality. From there, these people can end up summarizing details and enumerate solutions in their head. That is the time these businessmen will understand how important it is to become prepared.

In handling a business, its failure will suck. But that is not the whole idea of the experience. Honestly, it is the acceptance that it lacks what it takes to be on top. But should these entrepreneurs stop working on it? No! These people need to come back and start processing and handling the business way more different.



A Step-By-Step SEO Guide To Gaining More Clients For Psychologists


Are you a psychologist looking for ways to increase your clientele? Prospective clients today have now increasingly utilized the Internet to look for psychologists. They search on Google and phone the first couple of psychologists that pops out of the list. With this in mind, you must work on making yourself visible on search pages through SEO.

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Therapy For Managing Work Stress

Changes in the work environment and lack of support often cause work-related stress. Thus, seeking therapy or mental health services can help improve their current state.

stressed for the meeting

What is therapy for work stress?

Let’s discuss how important managing stress is (including relief tips) and understand therapy for work stress more elaborately.

Stress Management Techniques For Work-Related Situations

Marketing comes in many forms; it can either be physical marketing or digital marketing. The two have similar goals aiming to promote a particular product or service. However, their means of achieving these work goals are very different. Stress caused pressure in situations. Some of the things they do in common are constant promotion and selling of certain products, analysis, and gaining a good understanding of their target market. And that work process can be very exhausting. Good thing there’s available therapy to address it. What is stress therapy?

The two forms of marketing can be very daunting. For some people, digital marketing is more complicated compared to the normal part. The reason for this includes low budgets, changes in Google, the diversity in tasks, and the measuring of metrics. The changes in Google algorithms come often and adjusting to these changes ensures you can keep up with your work competition to avoid pressure.

Therapy For Work Stress & Anxiety

According to The American Psychological Association, work-related stress and anxiety can be dangerous not only to your mental health but your well-being as well; work pressure can also have recurring damage to your physical symptoms (such as high blood pressure) and can lead to chronic illness if not treated. Then, you need to grasp the urgency of addressing your strain issues and understand why therapy for stressful events is needed. Here are some of the work-related stress symptoms.

    • Headaches
    • Stomach aches
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Reduced productivity
    • Difficulties in Concentration
    • Easily Irritated
    • Changes in a healthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, drugs, and unhealthy food)
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Mood swings

Therapy For Work Stress

A woman stressed at work

“In order to find the proper stress counseling approaches and methods to improve sleep, get memory working more effectively, and lower anxiety, it is extremely important to delve into your core issues,” says Diane Roberts Stoler, EdD, a neuropsychologist, board-certified health psychologist, board-certified sports psychologist, and a trauma expert.

The stressors that may identify triggers include low work salaries, excessive workloads, social support from the workplace, strict deadlines, and conflicting demands. These issues are common in a marketer’s workplace. Thus therapy for negative times and environments is a must.

Work Stress Therapy

Stress is hard to overcome alone. Seeing a therapist is what every person needs.

Given the work can impose trauma upon the individual and make it impossible to change negative thought patterns, receiving the proper therapy can help in reducing stress. One of the most effective forms or types of therapy for an unpleasant moment you can receive is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT allows you to pinpoint the problem’s root cause. This way, you can identify the factors in work that contribute to your stress symptoms and anxiety disorders the most.

Also, through CBT, you will learn how to do relaxation techniques at work. The therapy offers various relaxation responses that will help you cope with your work problems and overcome negative thoughts.


If you find it hard to schedule an appointment with mental health professionals or mayo clinic staff for stress relief therapy to prevent anxiety disorder, physical health, and other mental health conditions from getting any worse, have no fear! It is still possible to undergo self-treatment.

Techniques For Acute Stress

    1. Create a Stress-Free Support System – Consider having a circle of friends in your workplace to help you improve your condition and avoid stress. It can be counseling for some moments as you sometimes need help, support, and advice from people who are dealing with the same mental health problems. You can also take the initiative and help them in case you feel they are struggling.
    2. Have A Healthy lifestyle – Another technique — according to the Health Science Journal — to help you with reducing stress-related issues is strictly following a healthy lifestyle as a form of therapy for work stress. Go out and exercise regularly, have a proper diet, and get enough sleep. By diverting your attention to these activities, you will eventually forget your worries. Staying healthy helps you keep a clear and balanced mind. “You don’t have to train for a marathon, but moving your body and light exercise is great for pressure. It eases muscle tension and induces positive feelings,” wrote Adi Jaffe, PhD, founder of the IGNTD Hero Program.
    3. Organize To Lessen Body’s Stress Response – For you not to get pressured by the number of work you need to accomplish, it is vital you organize and prioritize the things you need to do. Your health specialist will advise you to keep yourself away from distractions such as social media or entertainment. This can be a form of pressure counseling. Have a list of the tasks you need to get done and check which ones need urgent attention and work on them. Break down the things you need to do so you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed.
    4. Be Mindful – Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy including deep breathing exercises, meditation, talk therapy, or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is also effective to relieve stress due to negative everyday life events that help the individual deal with the uncontrollable environment and emotional reactions and reduce stress levels.

“Setting limits on your work demands and attending to your physical and mental wellness can help you broaden your horizons beyond the boardroom and into a rich, rewarding life of balance,” says Teyhou Smyth, PhD, LMFT.

Final Thoughts

When you address stress, online therapy can help alleviate work-related stress that affects mental health conditions as a response and can come not only in the field of marketing. It can come from many other sources as well.  Do not ignore the benefits of getting therapy through mental health professionals.

Stress And Therapy FAQs

What Are The 7 Ways To Deal With Work Stress And Anxiety?

Can Work Stress Be Cured?

Work-related stress is a common challenge that can be managed and reduced through various strategies. Identifying stressors, practicing time management, setting boundaries, seeking support, and incorporating stress-reduction techniques are all effective ways to reduce stress and address work-related challenges. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking time off when needed, and considering career changes if necessary can also contribute to reducing stress levels. While work-related stress may not be entirely “cured,” these approaches can help individuals maintain a healthier work-life balance and better manage stress.

What Are The 3 Warning Signs Of Work Stress And Anxiety?

Three common warning signs of work stress and anxiety include physical symptoms like headaches and elevated blood pressure, emotional changes such as mood swings, and behavioral shifts like increased absenteeism. Recognizing these signs early and seeking support from a mental health professional can help you regain peace of mind and manage work-related stress effectively.

What Therapy Is Best For Stress?

Several therapy approaches can effectively address and reduce stress, depending on individual preferences and the causes of stress. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps change negative thought patterns, while Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) incorporates mindfulness meditation. Talk therapy allows individuals to discuss stressors with a therapist, and biofeedback teaches control over physical responses to stress. Relaxation techniques, art therapy, and group therapy are also beneficial. Online therapy options make professional support easily accessible. The best therapy for stress varies by individual, and a combination of approaches is often used for stress management, helping individuals effectively reduce the symptoms of stress.

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What should you not do when stressed?

Does stress harm the brain?

Why do I get stressed so easily?

Is chronic stress a mental illness?

When should I see a doctor about stress?

What is stress therapy?

What are the signs of stress overload?

Is there a vitamin that helps with stress?

How do psychologists help with stress?

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Looking for the best strategies to help out in marketing your business is exhausting. Yes, you can find lots of tips and guidelines online, especially those that are beneficial for social media. However, too much of it can be very overwhelming. Instead of helping you, that information becomes the reason why you quickly get frustrated. As a result, there are build-ups of significant complications instead of gaining solutions for a particular business endeavor. So to remove all the anxiety and stress with regards to finding the “best marketing tips,” why don’t you consider these low-cost marketing strategies to attract customers into your business?


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