Best Online Therapy Services

Let me talk about the best virtual therapy services and platforms.

When I got my therapy services license in the field of mental health services, I aided entrepreneurs in getting their therapy platforms and businesses moving toward the right path.

Do you want to learn more about online therapy services with online therapy providers?

Are you one of the licensed mental health professionals, medical doctors, or a doctor on demand out there who use online therapy platforms?

I must admit they had never known people like me who were in the mental health services field existed until they heard about affordable online therapy sessions through their friends.

I could not count the times when someone scheduled an online therapy service with me, but you could see in their faces they were waiting for me to slip up and reveal that online therapy companies were a scam all along.

therapist writing during her online session


However, business coaching and online mental health care were never a scam.

It had always been meant to help people who did not go to college to learn the business.

I, for one, aimed to make online therapy more effective than the therapy sessions of in person therapy.

The Advantage Of Business Coaching

Allow me to share the story of one of my clients, Dr. Joy, who needed assistance in marketing an online therapy service in 2020.

Online Therapy Services: How Virtual Therapy Works

Dr. Joy used to work for a private mental health facility in a different city.

Before she got married in 2019, she and her husband decided to wait for a few more years before having a baby and moving back to their parents’ town to raise their family.

But they got the surprise of a lifetime when Dr. Joy learned she was two months pregnant in January 2020.

Though things did not go according to Dr. Joy’s plans, she intended to continue working at the mental health facility as a psychologist and licensed mental health professional until or licensed clinical social workers she needed to go on maternity leave.

This way, she would have enough time to look for an empty office in their home city where she could start her online therapy platform solo practice – just set up an affordable online therapy business without the need to prescribe medication.

She hoped she could provide one of the best online therapy programs. Traditional therapy was not doing well at that time. Online therapy cost was cheap.


Virtual Therapy Services

Come March 2020; the mental health facility had to be shut down temporarily due to the statewide lockdown.

All the workers, including the licensed marriage and family therapists, were supposed to return a month after, but Dr. Joy and her husband chose to move back home earlier than they planned to reduce Dr. Joy’s chances of contracting the coronavirus and affecting the baby in her womb.

Obstacles In Online Therapy Services

The thing was, it did not seem like a fantastic idea to open a new clinic for virtual therapy services because of the ongoing pandemic.

The plan was to be included in some mental health apps.

No matter how many disinfecting stations could be placed around the mental health facility, there was still a significant chance for a coronavirus-carrying patient to come in contact with Dr. Joy. Mental health professionals were devastated by the pandemic.

After several weeks of going back and forth, she recalled she had the license to provide online therapy, be an online therapist, and give remote therapy live sessions in at least three nearby states.

The only problem was neither Dr. Joy nor her husband knew how to market her online mental health services, so they asked Dr. Joy’s sister if she knew anyone who could help them with marketing the online therapy platform that would cover online therapy and cater to mental health issues, stress management, pride counseling, talk therapy, and couples counseling, among others.

Just like online cognitive behavioral therapy, for teen therapy, for example, there would be no need for in person therapy so it would be more convenient for teen therapy or counseling.

home office, standing desk, living room, video sessions

She wanted it to be one of the best online therapy platforms available on the web — an insurance cover online therapy that target different mental health conditions.

Virtual Services Online

Client’s Online Solution

Dr. Joy’s sister had been a client of mine a couple of years ago.

When she called me one day and asked if there were trained mental health professionals who could help her sister, who wanted to practice online therapy and become a licensed therapist but did not know how to do it, I said yes readily.

We were all just freed from the lockdown at the time, and I personally knew some people who almost went crazy for staying at home for more than a month and not being able to go to work or see their loved ones in person.

There are probably several other online therapy companies out there but I was focused on helping her do that too.


getting therapy online services


During my Skype meeting with Dr. Joy, the first thing I suggested was creating her own website for an online therapy program like online

It was the classic way of giving clients the full view of your offers, including online therapy costs, therapist availability, health insurance providers, and mental health issues managed.

It can have pages dedicated to your history, education, online services, and even testimonials from previous clients.

It may also be optimized so people could schedule meetings with you in one online therapy platform.

I also found out Dr. Joy only had a Facebook account, and she had been online since the mid-2000s during her college days.

I helped her get in touch with a social media expert who taught her the importance of having a social media presence, regardless of anyone’s line of business.

The same pro created Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts for Dr. Joy and gave her access to a small team who could create the infographics, edit the images and the videos, and curate other content for her.

It was something that would not require her to do in-person sessions any longer.

Of course, another purpose of having the best online therapy platforms was networking.

Through LinkedIn, Dr. Joy managed to connect with another licensed therapist, licensed psychiatrists, and other psychologists and family therapists who promoted her practice online and offline.

All of these could very well help promote online therapy platforms like hers.

She also dabbled into live streaming as an online therapy provider for the first time, which worked like a group therapy session as the viewers were free to type a question (with unlimited messaging), and Dr. Joy would answer them during the show.

Therapy Online Services Outcomes

All these efforts to become a successful online therapy provider allowed Dr. Joy to have a successful website launch last July 2020.

So many people wanted to book an appointment with the new online therapist in town that the site crashed a few times during the day.

While it was a hassle for the clients, it was a sign Dr. Joy no longer needed to worry about being unable to continue practicing her profession, unlike when she was practicing traditional therapy.

This approach would really interest many mental health professionals.


Even better, since Dr. Joy was already her own boss providing the best therapy services online, she managed to work right after childbirth.

She was still getting a lot of rest and bonding with her new baby, but she could schedule a few hours of her day to provide mental health services like cognitive behavioral therapy CBT to some clients.

There are many reasons people opt for online therapy platforms.

Therapy Online Services Conclusion

That’s the magic of working and giving mental health care online.

You remove the time you spend traveling, especially if you live in cities with heavy traffic all the time.

You also avoid after-work invitations from your colleagues which gives you more time to spend with the family.

All of these had been possible because the doctor asked for help marketing her therapy services online.


1. How much does online therapy typically cost?

2. What are some good virtual therapy services?

3. Is online therapy confidential?

4. What are the disadvantages of online Counselling?

5. Can online therapists diagnose you?

6. Can online therapy do medication management?

7. Do online therapy apps work?

8. How much do online therapists make?

9. How do you do online therapy?

10. Is there such thing as a free online therapist?


Frequently Asked Questions About A Mental Health Counselor

I was only 23 years old when I started my own digital marketing agency. At the time, the only real-world experience that I had came from my internship and a year of working at the Google company. However, since I had a no-fear policy back then, I did not hesitate to get a loan from my parents and create a startup business right from my apartment. 


Since I was independent-minded (borderline stubborn), I told everyone that it would be a one-woman show. Apart from being the CEO, I would also play a digital marketer, customer representative, designer, accountant, and everything in between. My parents were like, “Uh-oh, baby girl. You might be chewing more than you could swallow. Perhaps get an assistant at the least.” However, I insisted that I could do it independently, so they did not push the matter and merely supported my goals.

Getting Hit By Reality Hard

The first challenge came when I was creating my website. (Yes, I took on the role of a web developer, too.) I had never made one before, but I assumed it would be easy, primarily if I used WordPress. The basic content was not too tricky to add, yes, but then there was also the logo, the professional images, the testimonial sliders, and other things that required coding. I had to give up on that in the end and hire a web developer so that my website won’t look like the work of a three-year-old kid.

The first project that I got was pretty big for one person. In my old job, it would take a team of three people to get it done in a week. However, since I wanted to prove myself in the business, I agreed to take it on without getting more digital marketers on board. The more I focused on it, the more I realized it was doable. And when it turned out well, I decided to accept more projects at once. 

That’s when everything started going downhill. I found out soon enough that I was not good at multitasking. I was juggling three projects and failing miserably at them. Sometimes, I would even mix up the information, causing me to recheck everything multiple times. Then, whenever I would present my work to the clients, I would always feel rushed. 

The next four months went on like this. I was making money and getting my name in the marketing world, but I was too exhausted to feel happy. Once I began to feel burnt out, I decided to see a mental health counselor.

1. What is the role of a mental health counselor? 

 A mental health counselor is expected to do the following:

  • Help individuals, couples, and families deal with current issues.
  • Encourage people to open up about their worries and thoughts.
  • Assist clients in finding their life’s purpose and getting through their problems

2. What does it mean to be a mental health counselor? 

 Being a mental health counselor means that you help patients develop positive mental well-being and improve their lives.

3. How long do you have to go to school to be a mental health counselor? 

 If you want to become a mental health counselor, you will most likely need to spend more than 8 or 9 years at school. That does not include the number of years required for all the internship and training that you must accomplish in between studying.

4. What is the difference between a mental health counselor and a therapist? 

 A clear difference between a mental health counselor and a therapist is approaching a client’s problem. 

For instance, a wife has been complaining about her husband’s anger management problems. If you go to a counselor, they will help the man find ways to curb their anger immediately. But if you see a therapist, they will take a moment to assess why the husband cannot control his emotions.

5. Should I see a counselor or therapist? 

 It depends on what kind of mental help you need. In case you have new issues at work or home that cannot be resolved on your own, you may see a counselor. They can listen to your woes and sentiments and help you get through those issues.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, though, you need a therapist in your life. They have been trained to talk to troubled patients in a way that they can improve their thought processes and behaviors.

6. Is mental health counseling a good career? 

 Yes, mental health counseling is a good career. Aside from being one of the world’s rising professional jobs, it also allows you to help improve others’ lives and relationships.

7. Is Counselling a stressful job? 

 Yes, counseling can be a stressful job. The reason is that some patients may not be ready to open up about their problems from the first day. Worse, others may continue to lie about their progress when you talk to them, thus making your job more challenging.


8. What skills do mental health counselors need? 

 The primary skill you need to possess as a mental health counselor is having extensive knowledge about psychology or psychiatry and various techniques used for counseling and therapy. Your emotional intelligence should also be high since many patients cannot always communicate their issues verbally. Of course, you should be able to think critically and make people comfortable around you quickly. 

9. How much does an LPC make an hour? 

 An LPC can make approximately $48 per hour.

10. Where do LPCs make the most money? 

 Licensed counselors make the most money in Texas. Their average wage goes over $60,000 per year.

11. How do I get into counseling?

A Bachelor’s degree in counseling is your introduction to the field. After that, you can obtain a master’s degree in whichever area you want to work in. For instance, if you wish to be a school counselor, you can go for a master’s degree in education. If it’s professional counseling, it can be a master’s degree in psychology.

It is also essential to do an internship in your chosen field and earn various counseling credentials in and out of state. Considering you want to further your career, you may obtain a doctoral degree.

Final Thoughts

Whenever I look back at that hectic part of my life, I cannot help but shake my head and feel embarrassed about my silliness. Did I think I was Supergirl who could do everything back then? Heck, even Supergirl enlisted the help of her friends most of the time to achieve her goals.


The mental health counselor I saw shed light on the fact that I wore myself out by trying to do everything independently. I won’t forget something she told me: “Even if you can do it all, you shouldn’t. Let other people share your load.” After a few sessions, I felt comfortable loosening my tight grip on the agency and hired competent individuals. I also earned enough money to rent an office space and buy a few desktops for my employees, so everything went uphill from there.

Doing A Family-Related Webinar? Learn About Landing Pages For That

A friend called me one day, sounding distressed. When I asked what her problem was, she said, “I want to promote my book about a growing family through a webinar, but I don’t know how to get people to sign up for it.”

I replied, “Oh, it should not be too problematic when you have an awesome landing page.”


What Is It? 

A webinar landing page is a unique webpage that can supposedly persuade people to register for your webinar. In this world where consumers become bombarded with marketing offers from all directions, there is a probability that clicking on your landing page will not transform into sales if it is not interesting enough or does not strike a chord with the potential registrants. On the other hand, you cannot do without one because your chances of garnering participants on the upcoming webinar will then be slim to nil.

Your landing page should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What can the target audience achieve in case they agree to attend your online seminar?
  • How will it be worth their time, money, and effort?
  • What does your webinar offer that others don’t?

Who Needs It?

  • Content and Digital Marketing Experts
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Advisers
  • Social Media Developers
  • Software Programmers
  • Online Educators
  • Leadership Gurus
  • National Calamity Prevention Speakers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Personality Development Coaches
  • Spiritual Healers

What Advantages Can People Get Out Of It?

You can stress out the significance of your webinar in the audience’s personal life or career, for starters. It does not entail that you will need to give away everything you know in one page; doing so will diminish your prospective partakers’ curiosity about the program. Just give them a few ideas that can pique their interest and make them look forward to the online event.

Being concise regarding the details is excellent as well. This is how you can maintain the consumers’ focus. Since it will be a family-related webinar, for instance, you may list down the topics that moms and dads tend to wonder about all the time. E.g., parenting, budget, school, etc.

Of course, you are allowed to showcase your previous clients’ testimonials, too. Many people are wise enough not to commit to anything without seeing several positive product reviews first. If you do this, more individuals may be willing to participate in your webinar.


How Can You Make The Webinar Landing Page Extra Visible?

The primary thing you must do is find out the proper keywords that you should use for the page’s textual part. Say, since your target audience is the folks who have or are about to start a family, you may try words like family, kids, parents, mom, and dad. The idea is that you can use their variations throughout the landing page, but you should never overuse the keywords to prevent the search engine from lowering your ranking.

If you utilize a keyword research tool, you will find out which ones have been searched more than others. Those are your main keywords that should appear on the title, metadata, meta title, URL, and everywhere else. This way, your page has higher chances of showing on top of the search results.

Assuming you already have a decent online presence and following, it does not hurt to use your platform to promote your webinar. The key is to add a link (custom or not) in your posts, which will direct your subscribers to the landing page. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even YouTube allow link sharing, so there should not be an issue.

How Can A Landing Page Look Interesting?

As mentioned above, a webinar’s landing page is supposed to be attractive and informational simultaneously to ensure that it can convert visitors into a paying audience. It means that your text cannot be too long, dry, and dull. Otherwise, they may search for another webinar and say awful things about yours.


One way to avoid that is by using short yet punchy sentences. Remember that it is a landing page, not a blog or article. You need to go straight to the point and incorporate words to make the guests feel like they must sign up now instead of later. This should be apparent starting at the headline.

If your potential audience decides to scroll down, the page’s body must be as impressive as the headline. That’s where you can present the topics in bulleted form or through images. The easier you get the message across, the better.

Nevertheless, no matter how desperate you are to attract your target market, you should never beg. Try to convey how cool and cheerful you are through words to prevent scaring people off.

Final Thoughts 

It takes a village to have a successful webinar. Considering you have an established audience, you may not have a tough time asking them to sign up for your family-related webinar. But if you are new in the business, your landing page must be as attractive as possible.

Good luck!



A Step-By-Step SEO Guide To Gaining More Clients For Psychologists


Are you a psychologist looking for ways to increase your clientele? Prospective clients today have now increasingly utilized the Internet to look for psychologists. They search on Google and phone the first couple of psychologists that pops out of the list. With this in mind, you must work on making yourself visible on search pages through SEO.

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Therapy101: Management For Work Stress


What is therapy for work stress?

Changes in the work environment and lack of support often cause work-related stress. Thus, seeking therapy for stress can help improve their current stressful state. Too much stress does need therapy.

Let’s discuss how to manage stress (including stress relief tips) and therapy for stress more elaborately.

Stress Management Techniques For Work-Related Situations

Marketing comes in many forms; it can either be physical marketing or digital marketing. The two have similar goals aiming to promote a particular product or service. However, their means of achieving these work goals are very different as work causes stress and pressure situations. Some of the things they do in common are constant promotion and selling of certain products, analysis, and gaining a good understanding of their target market. And that work process can be very exhausting. Good thing there’s available stress therapy to address stress. What is stress therapy?

The two forms of marketing can be very daunting. For some people, digital marketing is more complicated. The reason for this includes low budgets, changes in Google, the diversity in tasks, and the measuring of metrics. The changes in Google algorithms come often and adjusting to these changes ensures you can keep up with your work competition to avoid pressure and stress.

Therapy For Work Anxiety

Work-related stress can be dangerous not only to your mental health but your well-being as well; work pressure can also have recurring damage to your physical symptoms and can lead to chronic illness if not treated. Then, you need to grasp the urgency of addressing your strain issues and understand why therapy (stress therapy) for stressful events is needed. Here are some of the work-related stress symptoms.

    • Headaches
    • Stomach aches
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Reduced productivity
    • Difficulties in Concentration
    • Easily Irritated
    • Changes in a healthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, drugs, and unhealthy food)
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Mood swings

Stress Therapy For Work Stress


“In order to find the proper stress counseling approaches and methods to improve sleep, get memory working more effectively, and lower anxiety, it is extremely important to delve into your core issues,” says Diane Roberts Stoler, EdD, a neuropsychologist, board-certified health psychologist, board-certified sports psychologist, and a trauma expert.

The stressors that may cause these include low work salaries, excessive workloads, social support from the workplace, strict deadlines, and conflicting demands. These issues are common in a marketer’s workplace. Thus therapy for negative times and environments is a must.

Therapy For Work Stress

Stress is hard to overcome alone. Seeing stress therapists is what every person needs.

Given the work can impose trauma upon the individual and make it impossible to change negative thought patterns, receiving the proper therapy can help in reducing stress. One of the most effective forms or types of therapy for an unpleasant moment you can receive is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT allows you to pinpoint the problem’s root cause. This way, you can identify the factors in work that contribute to your stress symptoms and anxiety disorders the most.

Also, through CBT, you will learn how to do relaxation techniques at work. The therapy offers various relaxation responses that will help you cope with your work problems and overcome negative thoughts.


If you find it hard to schedule an appointment with mental health professionals for stress relief therapy to prevent anxiety disorder, physical health, and other mental health conditions from getting any worse, have no fear! It is still possible to undergo self-treatment.

Techniques that help you alleviate acute stress.

    1. Create a Stress-Free Support System – Consider having a circle of friends in your workplace to help you improve your condition and avoid stress. It can be counseling for some moments as you sometimes need help, support, and advice from people who are dealing with the same problems. You can also take the initiative and help them in case you feel they are struggling.
    2. Have A Healthy lifestyle – Another technique — according to the Health Science Journal — to help you with reducing stress-related issues is strictly following a healthy lifestyle as a form of therapy for work stress. Go out and exercise, have a proper diet, and get enough sleep. By diverting your attention to these activities, you will eventually forget your worries. Staying healthy helps you keep a clear and balanced mind. “You don’t have to train for a marathon, but moving your body and light exercise is great for pressure. It eases muscle tension and induces positive feelings,” wrote Adi Jaffe, PhD, founder of the IGNTD Hero Program.
    3. Organize To Lessen Body’s Stress Response – For you not to get pressured by the number of work you need to accomplish, it is vital you organize and prioritize the things you need to do. Your health specialist will advise you to keep yourself away from distractions such as social media or entertainment. This can be a form of pressure counseling. Have a list of the tasks you need to get done and check which ones need urgent attention and work on them. Break down the things you need to do so you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed.
    4. Be Mindful – Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, talk therapy, or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is also effective to relieve stress due to negative life events that help the individual deal with the uncontrollable environment and emotions and reduce stress levels.

“Setting limits on your work demands and attending to your physical and mental wellness can help you broaden your horizons beyond the boardroom and into a rich, rewarding life of balance,” says Teyhou Smyth, PhD, LMFT.

Final Thoughts

When you address stress, online therapy can help alleviate work-related stress that affects mental health conditions as a stress response and can come not only in the field of marketing. It can come from many other sources as well.  Do not ignore the benefits of getting therapy through mental health professionals.


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  4. What are the 7 ways to deal with stress?
  5. What are signs you need therapy?
  6. What should you not do when stressed?
  7. Does stress harm the brain?
  8. Why do I get stressed so easily?
  9. Is chronic stress a mental illness?
  10. When should I see a doctor about stress?