Seeking A Therapist’s Help For Your Small Business




A psychologist? A life coach? A therapist? The brand does not actually matter. What’s important is that even before the pandemic, startup business owners have been struggling with an excessive amount of stress due to their frequently overbearing obligations. Occasionally, that stress causes major mental health conditions.

A 2019 study found that over 60% of small business operators report being ‘depressed’ at least once weekly. Another study performed at the University of California revealed that mental health conditions experienced by several entrepreneurs and novice business owners are ‘furious’ and insubstantially addressed, with 50% of these entrepreneurs joining in the study stating that they had at least one type of mental health issue throughout their lifetime. Well, if you were a startup business owner, this wouldn’t be a surprise to you.

You are probably aware of the pressures that you confront daily. You have insufficient resources and multiple responsibilities. You should be skilled at various things. Every decision that you make impacts your company’s gains as well as possibly the occupations and the well-being of the customers, sellers, partners, and employees, as well as the members of your family who depend on you. And everything has become more difficult because of the substantial decline caused by the pandemic, which has lead to unpaid bills, lost incomes, and very challenging decisions regarding their jobs.

This is why more startup owners are seeking help from therapists and coaches to help them manage their daily stresses and provide advice on efficiently managing their businesses. Licensed and experienced therapists agree that anyone can benefit from consulting a therapist to increase perspective and understanding, develop communication and coping skills, and cultivate empathy and acceptance. These therapists claim that they have been lucky to guide people on their journey towards unknown yet optimistic destinations.


If a startup owner were currently having difficulty keeping customer and business connections, then a therapist would be desired and must have obtained advanced psychology courses. However, a life coach would help address mindset patterns that keep numerous people from progressing, like comparison, procrastinating, communication skills, and limiting beliefs. Nevertheless, experience is an essential tool. A licensed and experienced therapist says that she believes some of the most competent therapists and coaches carry distinct life experiences with them.

Role Of The Therapist In Small Businesses

In a small or startup business, the therapist will function as a sounding board, a neutral angle, a guide, an advocate, and a supporter. The most suitable therapist or counselor will depend on what the business operator wishes to work on and unravel. A certified mental health professional will possess an expansive skillset to provide therapy efficiently. For more specific areas or fields, clinical mastery and certifications must be taken into consideration.

To find the right one – be it a licensed therapist or life coach – you can start your study by simply using Google to look for professionals near you or by checking out local resources that are sponsored by Thumbtack or Psychology Today, for example. Another wonderful option is obtaining a referral from a person who has successfully employed a coach, therapist, or counselor. You will most probably be paying around $100 to $300 per session. You will also have to commit to having sessions for a month, two months, or three – but not weeks only, as you will not see results by then. You can opt for traditional in-person therapy. However, if the traditional therapy atmosphere does not suit you, you can also consider online therapy services.

This means being honest, meeting set objectives, being eager to listen to advice, and being consistently present and punctual. This is because seeking help is not only about managing stress, but it’s also about keeping your focus and successfully managing your small business and, ultimately, your life.

Colleen, a professional photographer, based in Las Vegas, has been talking and learning from her coach for over six months and is satisfied with the outcomes. Her coach has efficiently provided her useful advice and take an impartial look at her startup business, which has tremendously helped her grow professionally and personally. The essential thing about employing a coach, according to Colleen, is to seek one that you trust, honor, and especially one who seems like a friend to you. This is important because you wish to feel comfortable telling your therapist anything and expressing your thoughts and ideas.


Operating a business – whether or not it’s pandemic or not – is a difficult thing to do, so it is crucial to have a person – a professional who is neutral and without any agenda – to talk to you about the worries and issues that you face, both in your personal and business life. In doing so, you can make a huge difference to your mental health, which could definitely benefit others.

Each person is his life’s business owner. Successful therapy, counseling, or coaching will not only guide and support a business owner while at work but will also result in more significant relationships in their personal life.


Guidelines On Marketing For Therapists



Since getting into the digital period, marketing has transformed rapidly, with companies no longer depending on conventional approaches. Yet, for many therapists, marketing may seem over and above their expertise and far beyond their comfort zone. Besides, they got into the specialty to lend a hand to people, not to market products. But the practice of therapy does not simply thrive by being competent. It should enlighten people’s thoughts and solve their problems.

Ideally, having a good reputation is important for any business, especially therapy. People desire things to make changes, and that has to be captivated by a brand.

What’s great about it is that marketing techniques can definitely be studied and adapted, and by navigating these techniques, your self-esteem in your marketing struggles will improve along with your customer base.

Creating A Marketing Strategy

Formulating a marketing plan is a crucial initial step; although all great things, it does take some time. A forthright way to start it without getting overwhelmed is by initially registering with a reputable therapist guide. It could be a wonderful means of acquiring a practice operational and be instantly detectable with just some minor setup.

Some popular directories provide a professional and clear showcase for therapists to register their expertise and qualifications and display their services. These platforms also offer important information that is trustworthy and engaging to help users better understand their therapy choices.

User engagement is very straightforward and spontaneous. The possible client enters the type of session required before being given a more specific list of counselors and therapists who match what they’re looking for. After this initial step has been accomplished, we will now get into your long-term plans, beginning with the ‘who,’ ‘where,’ ‘what,’ and ‘why’ required to mold your marketing strategy.


Importance Of Having A Marketing Strategy

Wellness facilities recommend that the therapy market decline because insurance firms cover fewer sessions, and pharmaceutical firms progressively endorse mediation over talk. Ultimately, it has been increasingly crucial to connect therapy services with individuals who need them the most.

Effective marketing can:

  • Offer mental health assistance to the local populace
  • Assist clients in finding a therapist that suits their needs
  • Meet the mental health needs of individuals who rely on the service for their livelihood
  • Enables the therapist to concentrate on individuals instead of finances

Once we acknowledge the significance of effective marketing for our clients, the community, and ourselves, we can formulate a plan that clearly states how the business will accomplish its objectives.

Successful marketing starts with comprehending the market and our worth as therapy providers, necessitating us to do the following:

Determine Your Niche. When you understand your ideal client and what their needs are, you can now consider the types of treatment to provide. Ask yourself these questions to know how to adjust your services to fill in the breach in the market:

  • Is there a specific therapy that is presently not available – art or relationship therapy, among others?
  • Are there groups of people who have received what they require – seniors, veterans, or seniors?
  • What abilities do you possess or need to learn and develop?
  • Are there mental health matters that need focus in your specialty?

Study The Market

It is relevant to understand who needs therapy, whether or not their needs are being catered, and where therapists’ interests and abilities lie (like helping couples, seniors, or adolescents).

Then consider asking these questions:

  • Who is your primary target? What are your idyllic client’s gender and age bracket? Where is their primary location – online, local, or both? How much are you asking for your clients to pay?
  • What is your possible market? Is the market of your choice already congested? Can you provide online therapy services? What current services are in the field that you are planning to include?


Study The Target Customer Base

It’s helpful to envision the kind of search a client would do when seeking help from a therapist. In this step, you can try thinking about the search words or phrases you would utilize to consult a therapist. Try doing it online. What topics do you get from your search? You can use the Google Keyword Planner as it provides a more specific method. It’s also free, allowing you to see how frequently or how seldom people look for a certain service.

Connect With Your Target Client

Digital marketing is very effective, but manual referrals and networking from other professionals and clients are still beneficial. You can conveniently kick-start your business by reaching out to your present networks and finding means to increase its growth. It might be as basic as sending an email, making a call, talking with local businesses, or consulting other healthcare professionals.

Connecting with your target clients does not necessarily require you to annoy harass people – doing this causes them to dissociate – but instead, find ways to inform people that you have an efficient and dependable service to offer them.


Counseling Advice For Business People Who Can’t Get What They Want

In high school, the teenagers used to turn to each other for advice. It could be about anything like love, family, clothes, etc. However, there was never a time when any of my friends came to me for advice on how they should do this.


The common reason that I heard was that I was as slow as a turtle when it came to making decisions. For instance, if you were going to the mall during Black Friday, you’re supposed to prepare a list beforehand and grab everything you need as soon as you reach the store. But since I could not decide what to get once I was already there, all the good stuff would be gone before I thought of what I wanted to get. When I attended Sadie Hawkins dance one time, I ended up going alone because I kept putting off selecting my partner among the guys who asked me out.

 In my defense, I was not slow – I was merely biding my time to ensure that my decisions would not bite me in the ass in the future. That’s something that I learned from my parents, who found business success when they were already in their 40s. Before that, Mom and Dad held different jobs at different companies and only thought of becoming entrepreneurs when they had a solid plan on the kind of business they both wanted. It worked for them, so I did not see any harm in following in their footsteps.

 How It Helped Me As An Adult

Since I was always cautious of my actions and decisions, I significantly reduced my losses when I tried my hand at becoming an entrepreneur.


 You see, I had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I started making clothes when I was a toddler. My little hands barely knew how to use the child-friendly scissors that my mother gave me, but I tried to make the lines as even as possible anyway. When my parents could trust me with needles and real scissors, I asked them to buy me some fabrics to make dresses for my Barbie dolls. I did not know it back then, but upon revisiting the old Barbie dresses that my mother kept for me, I saw that I was very much into haute couture.

When I got into middle school, though, I began to doubt myself. That’s primarily because I heard that fashion designers typically had some eccentricities, which I did not think I had. If I did, my classmates would not have branded me “plain Jane,” right? Still, I graduated from making dresses for my Barbie dolls and began to sew casual dresses and shirts for my mother and me while focusing on other things like sports, cheerleading, and more activities.

When I went to college, I saw how everyone had a mind of their own. They inspired me to continue aspiring to become a fashion designer. I worked hard and networked harder; that’s why I got to train under one of Paris’s most prominent fashion designers for three years after graduation.


During those two years, many people in my life asked why I agreed to be in training for that long. Most of my batchmates opened their own fashion houses right after getting their diplomas, after all. They did not feel the need to gain more experience in the business by working for other designers first. They thought I was a chicken, that I had zero confidence in my creativity.

Well, of course, who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? However, I wanted to have as many connections as possible before that happened. It was okay for me not to get what I wanted immediately for the sake of ensuring my success in the future. And true enough, when I finished my training and went back home to start my fashion designing career, I had Hollywood celebrities and other socialites as my first clients. It was all thanks to my former boss, who recommended me to them. Meanwhile, my former batchmates were still trying to keep their businesses afloat by producing basic dresses and streetwear in their small boutiques.

Sweet Takeaway

I believe that we all have the capability to make our dreams come true. It is innate; we are born with it. However, many individuals tend to experience more losses than others because they assume that taking as many risks as possible will make them succeed in the end.


Those people do not seem to realize that being a risk-taker does not have to be a frequent loser. There are a handful of evasive tactics to try out there, and they all start with learning how to wait until you can create opportunities for yourself.

I bided my time, I worked hard, and I got what I wanted. That’s a lesson that I wish to impart to everyone who wants to find business success. This works for me. However, if the stress of the business world is affecting you already, there is no harm in seeking advice from mental health experts from online therapy for stress services. After all, healthy mental health is important for a successful business.


Frequently Asked Questions About Political Psychology

Do you also believe in the saying that “two heads are better than one?” Well, when it comes to the decision-making process and task accomplishments, it serves its purpose well. Two minds working together to build a solution is better than a single struggling idea. Two different ideas can get a hold of what is an appropriate resolution for the situation. Thus, perhaps the saying is true after all since most of the time, a two-man-team decision works best.

So imagine if there are more than just two people in the room discussing a potential decision that would change the world, it would be great, right? Everyone can share their thoughts about the particular subject, and they can all learn from each others’ point of view. But what if the decision-making process is not that ideal as it does not turn out the way it is supposed to?

Are you familiar with the Bay of Pigs Invasion back in 1961? Do you know what the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in 1986 was? How about the bombing of Hiroshima? Do you have an idea what these events have in common? It is a failure. These moves resulted in a bigger disaster due to what Irving Janis called group thinking.”

Irving Janis explained group thinking as a source of excessive optimism that often discounts warnings. He believes that the other person’s motives are ethical and that people outside the group have no right to contradict the said resolution, regardless of it being ineffective. If you haven’t heard of this, allow these frequently asked questions to guide you through.


What is groupthink by Irving Janis? 

A social psychologist named Irving Janis developed a term called groupthink in 1972. It refers to the suboptimal or faulty decisions made by a group due to social pressures. It is a phenomenon in which approaching issues or matters are dealt with by the consensus or deals with the poor examination of decision objectives.

 What is groupthink in psychology? 

In psychology, groupthink is an observable fact when a set of people reaches an agreement without working on critical reasoning or evaluation. Usually, alternatives and consequences are disregarded. Groupthink is based on the general desire not to upset most people’s stability despite being situationally inapplicable. Thus, illogical or dysfunctional decision-making is always the result.

 What is an example of groupthink? 

Groupthink is an irrational decision-making process that allows people to minimize conflict and reach a compromising decision without any critical evaluation. Though this may often sound a good way to deal with different people with different opinions, most of its outcomes are unfavorable. A well-known example of groupthink is the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. It is where Engineers knew months before takeoff that there are some faulty parts in the space shuttle. But revealing it would invite negative press, so they pushed ahead with the launch anyway despite that information.

 What are the eight symptoms of groupthink? 

The eight symptoms of groupthink include self-censorship or the act of refraining from expressing something. There is the illusion of unanimity where the group relies on silence as a way of consent. Groupthink also includes mind guards, where a member of a group serves as an informational filter that only provides limited information to the group. There’s also a loss of morality. Another one is the rationale that ignores and discount warnings and negative feedback. Then there is pressure and stereotypes. It also includes invulnerability or the creation of excessive optimism that encourages people to take abnormal risks.

 Why is groupthink dangerous? 

Groupthink can be dangerous as it can lead to collective rationalization. It can also influence a lack of personal accountability, contains no clear rules, and often requires pressure to comply. Groupthink is a frequent factor in bad decision-making that promotes serious ethical breaches. It encourages group members to pay no attention to possible troubles with the group’s decisions and markdown others’ ideas and opinions. Groupthink can be toxic to teams and organizations as it promotes overall group isolation and decision-making stress.

Also, group-thinking ultimately leads to poor decisions because it ignores significant information that can be damaging even in minor situations. It disregards dire consequences in certain settings as it tends to overlook the negatives.


 Why is groupthink bad? 

Groupthink is considered a bad trait as it leads to bad decisions. It encourages group members to disregard small and major possible problems with the group’s unhealthy decisions. Groupthink makes the whole group discount the opinions and ideas of outsiders as everyone only focuses on their compromising resolution. It influences choices and outcomes most of the time without any clear rules for decision-making.

It becomes unnecessary in time-bounded decision-making because it relies on instantaneous progress and demands a fast decision. It becomes bad and unreliable due to lack of opposition and blindness to potential problems.

 What are the characteristics of groupthink? 

Groupthink characteristics include the illusion of invulnerability, unquestioned belief, shared illusion of unanimity, self-censorship, stereotypical views, and direct pressure.

What are the symptoms of groupthink? 

One of the common signs of groupthink is rationalization. It prevents members from re-evaluating beliefs and causes everyone to ignore warning signs. Many projects increase commitment when decision-makers undervalue the risk and overestimate the group’s possibility of success. Groupthink is toxic to organizations and their teams as it can inhibit innovation and make workers feel pressured to obey the rules.

 Can groupthink be positive? 

Though many people see groupthink as a bad habit and a reason for failure, there are some good sides. Groupthink can promote a united front. It can work on an immediate implementation once the decision-making process is complete. Leaders often encourage groupthink intending to put confidence in everyone to trust in their ability to lead effectively.

 What is the best example of groupthink? 

Examples of groupthink include excessive optimism, discounting warnings, and failure to express doubts, worries, or differing opinions. There is also the pressure of always agreeing to everything and not opposing other members of the group. It also involves a belief that the other person’s intentions are ethical and a belief that people on the outer group are troublemakers or the ones that cause conflict.

 What is groupthink, and how can it affect an organization? 

Groupthink affects an organization due to the decision-making process that preserves the status quo instead of dissenting opinions. It connotes a dangerous activity as it can be toxic to teams. It can hold back productivity and innovation and can make everyone in the group feel pressured to comply. In most instances, the cost of groupthink isn’t that serious but can create long-term damaging effects to the organization.

 How do you deal with groupthink? 

To deal with groupthink, everyone in the group should consider everybody’s role. Each person is critically important for the team. Thus, there should be an organized space. It is vital to make time for an independent evaluation to avoid disregarding possible solutions. Group members should encourage personal and professional development on each member. It is essential not to decide without evaluation so that everyone can celebrate good perspectives.

 Is groupthink always bad? 

Groupthink can be helpful at some times. However, since people ignore important information that ultimately leads to poor decisions, groupthink becomes bad even for minor situations. Yes, it might set out to be a big deal, but it can still create more dire consequences in certain settings.


 How do you escape groupthink? 

To help avoid groupthink:

  1. Make sure your decision-making process includes a contribution from all group members involved in the assessment.
  2. Listen to each suggestion so the team can open an alternative perspective for discussion.
  3. If possible, discuss the group’s ideas and opinions and an outside member to get neutral suggestions.

 What causes groupthink?

Groupthink is often unavoidable because people have this sense of desire to critique a position, present alternatives, or express an unpopular opinion. There are several main causes of groupthink, and these involve bad and good leadership, decision-making stress, overall group isolation, and group cohesiveness. Usually, this high level of cohesiveness creates self-censorship only to harmonize the decision within the group.


Mental Health Awareness

Have you ever wondered how your overall mental wellness affects your success?



It has been said time and again that when we are physically unhealthy, we could become immobile, but we can still take advantage of our sharp mind, and we are still able to communicate and ask for help when we need to. Conversely, if we are mentally unhealthy, the outcomes can be devastating. Cognitive and emotional darkness can spread into several aspects of your life, not only the professional part of it.

Philip Burgieres was an ordinary guy when he met and had a candid talk with a football player turned successful entrepreneur. He was apparently inspired and enlightened. Eventually, they established a robust friendship – friends who shared their disappointments, mistakes, fears, and catastrophic encounters throughout all areas of their lives, not just in leisure or business. They were each other’s supporters. Burgieres continued to accomplish tremendous success in business, and he became one of the most in-demand advisors who led other advisors to learn how to become more outspoken and resilient, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship.

Mental Health Awareness

Studies made by Dr. Michael Freeman, a mental health psychiatrist specializing in behavioral health, mental health problems, and issues in entrepreneurship and business, revealed that almost 50% of the 240 participants stated that they had one or more mental health illnesses. Additionally, they were highly likely to declare a lifetime of ADHD, depression, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder.

The outcomes above confirm that taking a curative strategy to improve our mental health is vital. Combining characteristics that drive company executives to the top can also pull them down into the mud. When you have climbed high up, you have a long way down to fall. You just can’t afford to act conservatively anymore, especially with your mental illness and health conditions.

What’s In The Entrepreneurial Mind?

Mental Health Awareness - How mental health awareness affects business success?

The truth is you, and only you are the principal assets. You have the authority to engage techniques that enhance your mental health conditions and to keep them in place to help you confront the daily challenges that business and entrepreneurship throw at you.

Safeguard And Boost Your Overall Physical Well-Being

Research has proven several times that exercise can boost mental fitness more than any antidepressant can. Provide your body with the best opportunity access to support you mentally and physically for the various encounters that you choose to face and promote understanding with. It is not right to work overly long hours in the office or be proud that you can function with only four hours of sleep.

Remember that you are a top player in the business arena. Feed your body sensibly, just as any athlete would to win in his sport. Train to become the best entrepreneur, just as athletes would train with great personal trainers, nutritionists, and coaches. Listen to your body. Please keep track of its energy and pay attention to any pain or discomfort that it’s feeling. If you’re getting hints that there is an imbalance that requires restoration, be responsible and heed the call of your body. Don’t ignore them.

Find A Mental Health Expert To Help In Business And Leadership

How fortunate it would be for us to have someone like Dr. Michael Freeman as our personal adviser, someone we can call any time. But, yes, we can actually find one. We only need to search for someone whose strategies are both optimistic and constructive. Look for that particular practitioner who can guide you and help you recover your previous state and exceed it. Take advantage of the beneficial information to support national mental health needs.

All aspects of your life are connected and overlap in one way or the other. You can also do a basic evaluation of your emotional and mental strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to your field of business or your role as an executive.

Whether or not you’re leading an empire or an amateur entrepreneur struggling to thrive in the business world, make time and effort to be familiar with who you are. You will realize that all your characteristics function both as weaknesses and strengths.


Seek Someone That You Can Help And Support.

The national success associated with our mental health also comes when we give. A study headed by Professor Tristen Inagaki found lowered stress reactions in people in different communities who were helping others and those who were accepting help. Shifting your focus towards others – setting aside your own agenda – to reach out and help someone can reap tremendous benefits emotionally and mentally. It doesn’t have to entail helping a person from your project or your current area of business resources. It could be anyone, really, because this is not about you at all. This is completely about supporting someone and providing him with what is vital to overall health with the help of mental health awareness services.

These mental health services and health professionals supports your mental health conditions as part of their suicide prevention and national mental health awareness.

According to national organizations experts, health services help raise awareness and establish a relationship that involves a structure that provides you both the opportunity to encourage, give and accept support, either inside or outside of your business. Failing to do this deprives you of gratifying nourishment that can improve mental health resources and ultimately help you attain a higher and more triumphant kind of business success and celebrate recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health awareness?

What is the importance of mental health awareness?

How do you bring awareness to mental health?

What is the advocacy for awareness of mental health?

How can you promote awareness of mental illness and health in your community?

Why do you think mental health is important for a student?

What is the importance of a good mental health essay?

How do you implement mental health awareness month in school?

How can you help in preventing mental illness in youth?

Why is it important for the youth to have awareness about mental health?

Setting Up Your Own Business From Home During The Pandemic




COVID-19 has shaken up the world economy on an enormous level, and we are all struggling to fight the consequences of this global crisis. As it progresses, businesses are expected to be slow and will not in their normal state for quite some time. Even consumers have gotten new habits and behaviors since the pandemic hit. They are hesitant to go out and shop, which is mainly why brick-and-mortar stores, offices, and businesses are tremendously affected.

For the past months, traffic has decreased, but online traffic certainly hasn’t, and this has given us the perfect opportunity to start our own online business. Despite the present circumstances, moving forward with an online store or brand will be a win-win for you (like me!).

Below are some things you need to know about setting up your own business right in the comfort of your own home.

Open your online consultancy firm.

If you have creative skills in photography, music, or baking, opening a home-based consultancy business online won’t be as hard as you think. You can reach out to your clients online through various digital platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Other niches you can provide services for include diet consultancy, workout practices, and personal advice.

Why would this be a great business idea? As all of us are aware, most, if not all, people have been stuck at home for about two months or more, and they have been accustomed to doing their daily routines from home. They work out at home, dance and learn instruments from home, or find a chat mate who can be friends or advisers while they’ve been quarantined. So undeniably, they would be more interested in seeking online services rather than go out and risk getting infected with the coronavirus.


You can set up your new business by investing in a small workspace to start with. Then depending on what kind of consultation you’ll be doing, you need to purchase a good quality instrument, gadget, or utensil. If you’re into photography classes, use the classic one you have in your drawer. You don’t have to buy if you still have one that you already own. If you want to help others learn how to bake, then just get a new pair of hat and apron that will make you look good online.

Find a job in an online freelance workspace.

Many websites offer jobs for freelancers with different skills, and you can choose from hundreds of job postings available on the platforms. Writing, email support, and customer service are some of the most popular jobs that perhaps you are qualified to apply. Search for sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and 99Designs, among others. If you’re more tech-savvy, then luckily there are thousands of careers in web design, programming, and digital marketing waiting for you.

Start an online delivery business.

Online grocery and retail shopping are currently at the height of its popularity. With people still afraid and hesitant to eat out and shop at malls and supermarkets, the online shopping platform is the most preferred way of acquiring basic needs, the most famous being online food delivery service. If you want to start strong but think that the food business has a lot of competition, then go for the next best thing – pharmaceuticals and personal care needs. Deliver your customers’ medicines, alcohols, masks, etcetera, right at their doorstep. Once you’ve established a name for online delivery, you can add everything else that people need and want – food, groceries, and even clothes and shoes!


Start an online marketplace.

This involves connecting employers with employees and getting a percentage out of the transactions they will be making from their contracts. This might be a little tedious to initiate, but as you get the hang of it, you’ll just be waiting for contracts to be placed and money to get in.

Keep the faith and hope for the future.

None of us anticipated a disaster such as this, but then amidst the challenges in many aspects, we have all tried to survive and thrive – and we are doing that. We may be confronted by several drawbacks and pitfalls right now, but we must keep the faith and hope for a better future, where we are ready to live the new normal in a productive and meaningful way.




How Advertising Conferences Can Be Useful


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The 2019 Local Brand Conference was a showcase of trends, technology, and fresh ideas from talented global marketers and suppliers across the United States. Companies big and small filled the venue, as through the years they have seen how these conferences have tremendously helped their industry and their people improve and succeed. Online publishers, advertisers, traffic sources, worldwide brands, and media owners were also present to grace the event and to fill in their articles, blogs, and other media platforms. All the speakers had interesting things to say and topics to discuss, all of which were beneficial to those who attended the conference. One of the discussions that came up was how advertising conferences like this one can benefit you.


Industry conventions have a lot of benefits. They can differ depending on one’s personal goals for taking part in a specific event. But the primary benefits that they bring with attending the best marketing conventions are mostly the same. First, by attending such events, you get the opportunity to be updated with the current trends in the industry. You get to listen to marketers and advertisers who discuss new strategies, technologies, and fresh insights. You can take these ideas to your company and implement them or simply base some of your own approaches on them.


File:ASA conference 2008 - 11.JPG


In addition, events like these are also great opportunities to get to know fellow colleagues in the industry. This way, you broaden your list of business acquaintances, build new friendships, and share experiences and information about different things. Finally, being present in various advertising conventions throughout the year establishes your brand – just by attending. How much more if you were given the chance to present your brand among thousands of participants? These conventions are promotion channels that are easily grabbed. You can choose which conventions you want to attend at the start of the year. Select the ones that help you the most, and then you can pick the minor events if you have extra funds. It’s really worth investing your time and money.





Social Media Strategies To Help Cope With COVID-19


Undeniably, we are presently going through devastating times, and at times like these, marketing brands struggle with what to do next, specifically on social media. Do you continue with your old strategy and just pretend that there’s nothing wrong? Of course not! Do you limit your posts to only those that are coronavirus-related? Perhaps not.

We can’t decide for you, but we can provide you with a guide that might help you strike the correct tone for your marketing brand and your audience as well. We will give you some tips, questions, and suggestions to help you decide which social media strategies would be suitable for your brand and in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

What is the importance of social media during these times?

  • The eMarketer reports that Facebook reached up to a 70% increase in apps usage for the month of March. This means that since the pandemic began, more and more people started to turn to these applications for entertainment, information, and keeping in touch with family and friends while they were stuck at home.
  • The audience chooses various channels to search for exciting content. For example, Snapchat and Tiktok have become the new sources of entertainment and distraction from the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.
  • A lot of marketers are cost-cutting in almost all areas of marketing, and this includes social media. However, email and other forms of social media are still being utilized for brand improvement and customer engagement.

If you are willing to explore the new world of marketing and social media, here’s a list of tips that you can read and be guided with.


Focus On Them More, Not On You.

Yes, you are a business looking to earn to survive. We’re not saying you forget that completely. It’s that the global crisis is not the best time to push on your key performance indicators. Evaluate what success is now and modify your old approach. Remember these.

Then: You calculate and make a report on the essential metrics monthly and yearly.

Now: That’s still not going to give you complete details. You can report it the same way you did, but now present it along with the comments, non-KPI testimonials, and the red flags.

Then: ROI is the top priority.

Now: It is, of course, important, but shares, likes, positive comments, and engagement measures are better priorities now since people these days can’t buy everything that they want.

Know And Understand Your Audience.

This has and always will be a crucial piece of a marketing strategy for all seasons and crises. Marketing, for the most part, depends on empathy, which subsequently depends on understanding the audience that you’re trying to communicate with.

If you think you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you might want to ignore this tip saying, “I already know my audience.” Perhaps, but do you think you know them now, in this outbreak? Could there be more customer opportunities that you haven’t thought of that you could consider now?

Gather basic details. Collect essential data like age, gender, location, income status, and others. Then once you have these data, ask yourself what you’re going to do next. Forget about what you used to do. Now, think about fresh ideas on how to capture your audience that has pivoted since the outbreak. Adapt to the changes to meet the needs of your audience.

This comprehensive knowledge of your audience will kickstart the tone for whatever you do next during a global crisis like coronavirus and beyond that. The bonds that you establish successfully knowing and capturing your customers’ hearts will last long after the outbreak has subsided.


Expect The Unexpected.

Nobody can ever give you a precise forecast of what the future will be for marketers and their brands. All we know is that this pandemic will end in due course and that right now, there is a lot of ambiguity on a lot of fronts. Thus, we cannot plan our future as we have before these circumstances. We must be careful and take slow but sure approaches to adapt to what beholds tomorrow. Today is a good day to start.




Why A Promotional Shirt Never Gets Old

As a certified marketer, attending events like the 2018 Branding Conference is a part of my job. Sometimes, I go there to meet potential sponsors or partners. Other times, I do it to speak and motivate other young marketers to work hard and reach for their dreams.


On many speaking occasions, though, one piece of advice that I often say is to make a promotional shirt. I won’t hate you if you think that it’s too cheesy or too old-school because both can technically be true. However, it does not mean that it won’t market your business as well as other marketing items.

These are a few benefits of using a promotional shirt for your business:

It Builds Up Curiosity
A wearable marketing product can be as enticing as a gigantic billboard. If someone dons it and walks on the street, passersby may think, “Why does this person promote this brand?” That may cause them to feel curious enough to go online in that instant to know more about the company.

It May Be Better Than Word-Of-Mouth
Using a shirt to market your merchandise may be better than relying on word-of-mouth. People have far too many things in their head to think of promoting your brand to them, you see. Despite that, if they go to public places with your customized shirt on, there is no need for words anymore.


It Can Increase Your Sales
A lot of curious folks do not typically stop at researching brands. Considering they find your products interesting, they will look for a way to buy one. If you get lucky, an influencer may feature them in their social media channels or vlogs. Thus, your sales will undoubtedly go up.

In Conclusion
I tend to use a promotional shirt whenever our company has a new product that is too out-of-the-box for people to like at once. And guess what? It. Always. Works.

Start thinking of what to print on your promotional shirt now if you want to try it!

Why You Need A Marketer For Your Business


If there is one thing that you must never forget about doing business, it is the importance of hiring a marketer who will help you raise brand awareness. Take note that marketing and advertising are two significant aspects of entrepreneurship that you must never neglect. In today’s article, we are going to give you the top reasons why you must invest in looking for an effective marketer. Our goal is to encourage you to set aside a budget for the professional services of a marketer. Once you have this person on your team, you can enjoy the following:


It Announces Your Existence


One of the common challenges of business owners is not having the capacity to make known its products and services. When this happens to your brand, there is a high chance that you will not be able to earn profits from your operations. If this continues to occur for an extended period, then your company can go underground. You will be surprised to find out that you are already bankrupt. Because of this, you must find a marketer who can help you raise brand awareness.



It Connects Your Customers


Another concern that you must look into is the importance of connecting your company to your target market. Take note that your customers must be your number one priority. They must feel that you are thinking of them through your marketing strategies. Let them feel that all your actions are tailored to please them. Once they experience this, it will be a lot easier on their part to patronize your products. In the long run, it can lead to increased revenue for you. All these can be possible with a marketer.


It Elevates Your Brand


As you probably know by now, the market is highly competitive. It means that there are tons of companies operating in the same industry where you are present. For this reason, you can expect them to outshine you in some marketing efforts. If you want a solution to this problem, all you have to do is to search for a marketer. Let this professional create tactics that can elevate your brand above the rest. He can help in outshining your competitors.


It Increases Trust For Your Company


Another great advantage of having a marketer is that he can help in increasing the trust that people have for your company. Take note that the goal is to see to it that your target market must associate your brand with something they love and trust. Once you succeed in making this happen, it will be a lot easier on your part to promote your products. More people are going to start to love your brand to the point that they will also help in developing it to others. In the long run, it can bring in more sales for your business. As long as you are smart in making a wise decision for your products, everything is going to be okay.