Privacy Policy

_____http://beckersf.com____ has created this website with the basic goal of providing easily understandable health
information to people who do not have profound technical knowledge when it comes to health-related
data. One way that we think of making it happen is by publishing a blog almost every week to tackle
various topics that may be of interest to you.
Coming to our website is free. Navigating through our pages is free of obligation. Meaning to say, you
can visit any part of the site without getting prompted to sign up, log in or provide your personal
information. The only occasion when you need to type in your name, email address, and mobile number
(optional) is when you leave a message in our contact form or Comments section. Giving such details
allows us to verify that your message is not SPAM or that your comment can be posted publicly.
___http://beckersf.com______ tends to use cookies and different tracking technologies as well to be able to enhance the
website. The data that we gather through such commercially acceptable means can help us analyze
what topics most users go to, how often you visit the site, and when the web traffic is almost
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